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Aaron came to NYC to pursue a career in accounting, with no plans to break into the gay adult entertainment industry. Only after some coaxing was he able to overcome his shyness and make his porn debut. Aaron’s performance in ‘Quickies’ might be the only time viewers are able to see him fuck in front of the camera. Even after shooting, he was so nervous, that he refused to watch himself during playback. We saw it, though. And, we have a feeling you’ll fall for this sexy ex-frat boy, too.

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8.5 Rarely in the history of modern filmmaking does a classic like Von Fistenberg's 8 ½ appear! With the brilliance of a master auteur, Fistenberg captures the full potential of cinematic story telling through four extended sex scenes with eight monster-hung actors all hung at least 8 ½ inches! One of the most popular Aaron King movies.

Finally Legal Wank Jack it. Pud Pounder. Crank the shank. Five Knuckle Olympics. Jerk Off. Polish the Rocket. Beat your Meat. Stroke it. Choke the chicken. Spank the monkey. Pocket pool. Polish the wand. One man Tug-O-War. XXX Aaron King sex scenes.

Fisting Underground 3 We made Fisting Underground Part 1, and it got nominated for an award. We made Fisting Underground Part 2, and you thought we couldn't possibly get any filthier. How could we take that as anything other than a challenge? In Fisting Underground Part 3, we complete the hole stretching, gut punching trilogy with the kind of images you've never seen in your life, going deeper into the world of hardcore handballing than ever before. Imagine eight flesh-hungry men from all over the world all thrown into one vinyl playpen with nothing but buckets full of Slam Dunk lube, a mind boggling variety of dildos, butt plugs and freaky toys, and the energy to keep going until every ass in the room is filled to the brim, exhausted and happy. Aaron King fucked real hard.

Quickies Quickies is what it sounds like. No plot. No scripts. No nonsense. Just action. If you've only got a half-hour lunch break don't worry, you won't be disappointed. But, if you've got more time, there're ninety-five minutes of non-stop kissing, licking, sucking, fucking, and hole eating. The first quickie stars Jason Tiya and Matthew Hyland. 6'2, smooth, and muscled, Jason is an extra-hot, horny, black turbo-top, with a donkey dick that measures in at a whopping eleven inches. Matthew is the kind of boy-next-door type you wouldn't necessarily think could handle a cock of such size, with that hot little, white ass. Surprisingly, though, he manages. See Aaron King fucking.

Uber-Pig Hardcore Directors Cut Uber-Pig is packed to the brim with Fox's big serbian/ German Cocks, tight, smooth hole and hyper-sexual deviance! A great Aaron King porn movie.

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