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Legendary porn star Abigail Clayton entered the business in 1976 starring in ‘Dixie’. She appeared as a young girl growing into her sexuality in this coming of age story. Abigail is a small-breasted beauty with a luscious jiggly butt and amazing silky skin. Abigail has a slight overbite and large sweet eyes that gives her a youthful image, and producers searched for her due to her acting ability. She was one of the leading stars in hardcore porn in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Abigail also performed under the names Gail Lawrence and Gail Wezke. She appeared in most of the highly regarded of sex films of the time including the mega-hit ‘Sex World’. Abigail did a lot of girl-on-girl scenes before leaving the business in 1980. She later returned for a couple scenes during the 80’s, and is still remembered today as one of the most sensual women ever in the porn industry. -AEBN

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7 Into Snowy This modern-day, adult version of the Snow White fairytale features the luscious Abigail Clayton as an ingenue dominated by her stepmother (Kay Parker). Jealous of her stepdaughter's beauty, this Wicked Stepmother concocts a plan to sexually exhaust the young lady. But her plan backfires; instead of breaking Snowy's will, she instead provides her with a nonstop orgy of intensely pleasurable sex! Seven into Snowy is a classic in every sense of the word. A highly watched Abigail Clayton video.

A Coming Of Angels It's the erotic classic! You're in for a hot and juicy joyride of steamy, sizzling sex when you witness the amorous adventures of three gorgeous "angels". When one of their own is taken by a insidious white slave , Heavenly Annette Haven leads the passionate pack on a randy rampage of undercover activity. These naughty nymphs have a shocking arsenal of torrid trick to get what they want, and if they don't watch out! From girl-girl encounters to the tenderness punishment ever, you'll find these angels use their bodies just as well as their minds. One of the most popular Abigail Clayton movies.

Abigail Clayton Triple Feature: Hot Cookies Special visitors to the back room of Nelson's Bookstore see the mysterious enchantress Serena make erotic paintings come to life. The scenes include Abigail as a slumming rich bitch; two Victorian lesbians who start off slowly, then come to an absolutely full boil; a parody of Rocky and Joey Silvera as a painter getting it on with a gorgeous Scandinavian (Anna Karenya) model! Hot Abigail Clayton nude shots.

Abigail Clayton Triple Feature: Love Lips A mysterious wheelchair bound man brings a group of strangers together for an unknown purpose. Hilariously bizarre dialog makes this film a treasure for cult porn fans! Watch Abigail Clayton getting fucked.

Big Tit Super Stars Of The 80's: Kay Parker Collection Perhaps the sexiest mature woman ever to step onto the xxx screen, Kay Parker was certainly one of the most memorable sirens of early 80's porn. Most famous for her roll in the Taboo films, many fans don't realize she appeared in many other excellent hardcore productions during her career. In this homage to Kay, watch her moan with pleasure as sperm is squirted on her face and her awesome pillowy tits jiggle all around. The collection includes Nasty Nurses, Too Hot to Touch, Nice and Tight, I Want to be Bad, and more. Very nice Abigail Clayton naked scenes.

Desires Within Young Girls Here is a passionate tale of young lust in girls coming of age in a world that is tempting their sexual desires at every moment. Watch as they experience the fire of unbridled affairs every day and every steamy night. XXX Abigail Clayton sex scenes.

Health Spa Beautiful Kay Parker plays an investigative reporter with "Expose" magazine who is assigned to write an article on a new health spa famous for it's program of "Sexercise". See Abigail Clayton fuck up close.

Naked Afternoon She is nineteen, her name is Thomasina, and you've never met a girl quite like her. She is free, completely uninhibited and incredibly seductive beyond her years. Starting as a masseuse in an elegant Beverly Hills spa, she meets a wealthy film producer, who promises her a fabulous career in films. It is only a small part in an X-rated film, but there she begins a dizzying rise to the top of the world, and the viewer is treated to a rare behind-the-scenes expose of what really goes on in the fabled studios of Hollywood. "Naked Afternoon", starring the exquisite Abigail Clayton and the elegant Annette Haven, is a film that will delight the most demanding X-rated afficionado. You owe it to yourself to see this timeless film. Highly recommended Abigail Clayton xxx clips.

The Best Of Girls With Girls 3 The home of the classics are back to bring some of the best pairings of vagina licking ladies from the epoch period that started off porn. No one knows what a girl likes more, except another girl and it shows when they start fucking. A great Abigail Clayton porn movie.

The Raincoat Crowd You'll watch wide-eyed as the most prominent erotically talented players bring sensuous realism to their sexual couplling and erotic sex play... See Abigail Clayton fucking.

With Love Annette Soft loving hands caress long sensuous legs as they seductively remove sheer stockings revealing a creamy white skin that seems almost too perfect. Your eyes trace upward, undressing as they go, pausing to absorb each wonderfully molded curve. Then, upward toward the flowing auburn hair as it falls upon soft shoulders and finally to those loving eyes that tell you it's all right to touch Annette. Ask any man who's seen erotic motion pictures. What gorgeous beauty favors you with her charms, her talents, her flowing sensuality? He will answer simply Annette Haven. In a world where stars come and go, and adjectives are all too easily applied, there is one star who remains the lady Annette Haven. She is perhaps the queen of erotic motion pictures and the winner of numerous Adult Film Association of America Awards. Join her in a few of the many special moments she's brought to the world of adult entertainment and linger over the sensuously erotic Annette Haven. Abigail Clayton fucked real hard.

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