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Aliases Dianne Colazzo, Alexandria Dunn, Alexandra Quin, Alexandra Quinn, Victoria Quinn, Alexandria Stewart, Diane Stewart, Dianne Stewart Alexandria Quinn is a Canadian porn star that has been active in the industry since the late 80’s. Quinn started in the adult industry working as a table dancer at a strip club. Her first year in porn took place prior to her 18th birthday, which is the legal age in the U.S. for people to appear in porn and had already appeared in 70 films before discovery. It was found in the early 1990s that her earlier films were made before she was 18 when she decided to buy herself a car for her birthday. She used her real ID to buy the car and when the salesman recognized her, he called the police for investigation. Quinn was blackballed from the industry for a time. She resumed her career in the mid-90s and is still an active porn star.

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