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Aliases Alecia Monet, Holly Wood, Alisha Monet Alicia Monet is a busty brunette that only lasted a short time in porn though she was one of the hottest performers in the late 1980’s. Alicia first got into the adult industry in 1984 but retired shortly after in 1989 after biting fellow actor, Rocco Siffredi’s penis. According to Alicia it happened because Rocco was too forceful during the scene they were shooting, though, according to Rocco the incident happened because she was “stoned”. After the incident happened crew workers had to lock Alicia inside her trailer because she was acting wild. Alicia had since begun stripping at clubs again but that ended when she masturbated on stage with a loaded gun. Alicia and her husband have since gone into hiding.

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Boom Boom Valdez What hyprocrites! Mom's always schtupping her boyfriend Raymond, and sister Nicole is a closet exhibitionist. Everyone gets what's coming to them when Valdez sisters team up. Boom-Boom and Cha-Cha Valdez turn out to be the most torrid stage act ever! One of the most popular Alicia Monet movies.

Conflict With Conflict, and its wild mix of sexual styles from two of our most celebrated creators of exceptional erotica, we are witnessing a first, a historic breakthrough, with many different points of view. The arousing variety and complexity of this multilayered film is an outrageous departure from the usual conventional adult fare. Here is racy, ribold raunch. Classy, sassy sensuality and more kink, kick, and tricks than you ever saw in one feature. Everything you'd expect and more, from Bruce Seven and Henri Pachard. Watch Alicia Monet getting fucked.

Debbie For President Debbie's back, and this time she's here to put the vice back in the presidency. This movie is packed with loads of hardcore action. Hot Alicia Monet nude shots.

Debbie: Class Of '88 First Barbara Dare shocked the industry with her red hot portrayal of Debbie, Sorority Prez. Now she's turning over the title to Alicia Monet, and the heat's only gettin' hotter! See the biggest, most star-studded cast in '88 porn, doing what they do best in the Coast to Coast class epic, 'Debbie: Class of '88'. Very nice Alicia Monet naked scenes.

Divine Decadence For the past year, newlyweds Emily and Victor (Alicia Monet & Joey Silvera) have been living in a villa on the French Riviera. An outsider might think these two are on an extended honeymoon... but they are living a wanton, sex-filled life of Divine Decadence. Into this bizarre sex-world, Victor's sister Carol (Nina Harley) comes for a visit. Soon she is initiated into the depraved desires of the jet-set, and discovers her brother's shocking secret. See Alicia Monet fucking.

Erotic Television Video It's got the beat with the heat! ETV- Erotic Television where the torrid tunes never stop! Delectable Delia Moore is you veejay with the horniest hits in the land. Your ears ( and eyes) will burn when Alicia Monet and Keisha perform " Strap On Love." For heavy-leather fans, there's " Whipping the Altar Boy." Plus sizzling Samantha Strong hits all the notes in " Torn Between Two Scrotums.: Delia even has an interview with Alexis Parks and Mike Horner that gets very carried away! There's lots more don't touch that dial. ETV is the show to watch. A highly watched Alicia Monet video.

Fatal Passion When lust has no restraint, when sensuality has no boundary, and when love, hate, pleasure, and pain are interwoven like the strands of a rope, only passion remains. This movie is packed with loads of hardcore action. A great Alicia Monet porn movie.

Romeo And Juliet Great classic porn with funny humor, good acting and great sex? This may not have been what Shakespeare had in mind, but who cares? Robert Bullock and Nina Hartley star as the beleaguered director and his bisexual wife. And Tom Byron is great as the janitor. It's about a theatre troupe doing the production of the classic, against the setbacks of a theatre owner (Joey Silvera) who's plan is to, oddly enough, sell out to "porno movie people," and a lead actor (Jerry Butler) who's a little too full of himself. This is a porn movie with humor, good acting, and great sex. See Alicia Monet fuck up close.

Sexual Power Tex, a lonesome cowboy from Texas, inherits a villa in France...along with a bevy of beauties who live there as well. First, he's greeted by Charlotte, who welcomes him in a way he had never dreamed of. Later that night, he's visited in his bedroom by a shapely vision wearing a bizarre golden mask. She waste no time in showing him her unique talents. Highly recommended Alicia Monet xxx clips.

The Final Taboo Prepare yourself for a horny holy war when Rev. Rhodes tries to expose Rev. Fryer in this sizzling look at corrupt TV ministers. While Mrs. Rhodes is getting her rump thumped by a politically ambitious black minister, Rhodes enlists the services of Mrs. Walker. Soon this powerful madame is videotaping Fryer at a lust-drenched orgy. But Mrs. Walker gets the dirty lowdown on Rhodes too, by videotaping his sex escapades with many more raunchy revelations, including the kinky sexual tastes of Sadie May Fryer. In the depraved world of unholy desires, many may be on their knees, but it sure ain't going to be to pray! XXX Alicia Monet sex scenes.

The Master Of Pleasure In a ritzy penthouse, a passionate lawyer (John Leslie) lives the ultimate sex fantasy! Get ready to experience The Master Of Pleasure... and meet the beautiful, insatiable women who satisfy them. No sexual act is taboo. From the delicious thrill of domination and bondage... to illicit lesbian lust... and sizzling sex-toys sessions, the extravagant decadence of jet-set lust is laid bare. It's almost too much for any man to handle. But then, John Leslie isn't just any man! Alicia Monet fucked real hard.

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