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In November 2003, nineteen-year-old Pet of the Month Anais Alexander isn't sorry to be leaving her Pismo Beach, California, home for the excitement of Los Angeles. "I grew up in a very small town," she says. "Except for going to the beach, there was absolutely nothing to do. Now I'm ready to break out and explore the world. I want to do a lot of modeling and traveling and learn all about photography, writing, and directing. This is my first time posing nude, but it was an incredible experience. I was ready to go out and greet the world, and now, thanks to Penthouse, the world has an opportunity to meet me!" To understand this Ninn Worx Contract Player, you actually need a quick history Anais Nin was a famous FEMALE erotic writer after the Great Depression. The Academy Award Winning Movie Henry and June was about her affair with famous American author Henry Miller. OK. Michael actually took HIS name, but spelled incorrectly, from this historic character that he admired. When this stunning 19-yr-old beauty came to him and asked about working exclusively for Ninn Worx, Michael thought she was so perfect that he should give her his own name, so to speak, so he named her Anais (pronounced Ah-nah-EESS), but she can't pronounce it herself, so she tells people that it's Anias (pronounced Uh-NIE-us). So now we have a man that took a last name, pronouncing it right but spelling it wrong, and a woman who took the corresponding first name, pronouncing it wrong but spelling it right. Once you see on film what many consider to be among the top two or three most beautiful porn stars EVER, you probably won’t care how anybody pronounces her name. You’ll just want to watch.

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