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Andrea True is a true porn legend and one of the first major stars in the early days of hardcore. She appeared in many short films in Scandinavia in the 1960’s before heading to the United States in the later part of the decade. Andrea also went by the aliases Andrea Travis, Inger Kissen, and Singh Low. She rocked on the American porn scene throughout the entire 1970’s. Andrea specialized in playing the older, more experienced woman in her roles, being the sexually dominant performer when the role called for it. What is arguably considered to be Andrea’s best performance she made in the United States is ‘The Seduction Of Lyn Carter’, where she plays a frustrated housewife. Outside of her life in porn, she managed to have a singing career as well. Andrea is currently the only porn star to have ever had a number one hit on the Billboard charts. She got to number one with her 1976 disco hit ‘More, More, More’. Finding it tougher to find work in the adult industry in her mid-thirties, Andrea even put in a bid at becoming a producer/director/star, which stalled. She ended up retiring in early 1980 at the age of 37. -AEBN

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Dance Of Love Andrea works as a prostitute in a NYC apartment brothel. She pop a young guy's cherry who keeps returning for more juicy fucking! Great scene with Andrea taking it up the ASS! Also starring Linka L'amour, a petite brunette who performs a sexy strip tease. Very nice Andrea True naked scenes.

Debbie Does Las Vegas You've seen Debbie Do Dallas now watch her do Las Vegas! A great Andrea True porn movie.

Dr. Carstair's 1869 Love Root Elixir Bandits steal gold and women from innocent townsfolk. Contains what is probably the sexiest scene of a girl peeing into a cowboy hat ever filmed! See Andrea True fuck up close.

Hot Channels Mr. And Mrs. Harry Spencer are an attractive but uninspired couple whose lives are missing the special spark. Enter the most provocative and exciting invention since the wheel, The Mark III Sensulator. Once Harry plugs his headset into the Senulator, he is transported to the world of ultimate sexual ecstasy. Guided by the enticing and sexy Melinda, Harry enjoys everything from voyeurism to one of the most outrageous orgies ever filmed. Andrea True fucked real hard.

Inside Georgina Spelvin This sizzler stars Darby Lloyd Rains, Linda Terry and Jim Rausch as a trio of roommates who have fallen desperately behind on their rent. So what are a trio of hippie-dippie love birds supposed to do to raise a little fast cash? How about make their own porno movie, of course! The three would-be pornsters enlist the aid of porno legend Georgina Spelvin to get their project off the ground, and the action just picks up from there. Throw in a subplot about lusty landlord Jeffrey Hurst, who's started demanding sex from his tenants as payment, and you've got the makings of a real classic of early hardcore cinema. See Andrea True fucking.

Meatball Harry Reems plays Dr. Schmock, a zany mad-scientist who discovers Preparation X. It's a formula that can make an ordinary meatball swell to twice its normal size. One of the most popular Andrea True movies.

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Seduction Of Lyn Carter Whether it was a microphone or a cock, she just loved holding stiffies! She pulled off both a XXX and a singing career, racking up Top Ten disco hits such as More More More (1976). In Seduction Of Lyn Carter a demented sex expert drives Lyn to heights of ecstasy and the depths of humiliation. Andreas best performance! Hot Andrea True nude shots.

Summer Session Whether it was a microphone or a cock, she just loved holding stiffies! She pulled off both a XXX AND a singing career, racking up Top Ten disco hits such as More More More (1976). In Summer Session, extended and intimate scenes with Andrea and skinny blonde costar Orita De Chadwick! A highly watched Andrea True video.

Temptation And Sin A sexy Latin madam teaches a young virgin how to suck and fuck in this picturesque western. Watch Andrea True getting fucked.

The Erotic Adventures Of...Little Orphan Sammy Leapin' lizards! It's the classic 1976 X-Rated parody of Little Orphan Annie! This time, All-American do-gooder Sammy must battle the evil Hata Mari to keep a top-secret formula from falling into the cold war enemies of the USA. Can Sammy save the day for mom, apple pie, and the American way? XXX Andrea True sex scenes.

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