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Angela Faith came into the porn scene with a girl-next-door look and just an average build to her. Even with an average build, this vivacious vixen is still pretty easy on the eyes standing 5’4” with 34B-24-35 measurements. With blue eyes that look like deep pools, this blonde managed to gain a large following with her friendly personality and love for what she does. Angela brought a do-anything attitude to her on camera action. She followed the typical path to porn stardom for the 90’s, starting with some pro-am appearances then moving on to bigger budget, wide distribution hardcore productions. Angela reached the top of the porn starlet pool quickly, when she did scenes for over a hundred features in a short time between 1992 and 1993. This sultry minx quickly got burnt out from the hardcore scene and stopped doing these films for a number of years. She was still one of the most popular fetish video girls at the time and continued to do many spanking and bondage videos throughout the rest of the decade. Angela started doing a bit of hardcore action again in the late 90’s, and kept doing fetish videos for sometime with the last release featuring this blonde temptress hitting the shelves in 2004. Now that Angela retired from her role in front of the camera, we found she has a bachelor’s degree in business management and teaching credentials. She has also studied the art of massaging for a year and a half. She is an athletic person that enjoys canoeing, inline skating, nature hiking, etc. This vixen currently lives in Marina Del Rey, CA and offers escort, modeling, and custom video work through her personal website. A diverse porn star, Angela accomplished much during her career and is one of the best-known fetish video actresses of the 90’s. She left the business with over 250 videos to her credit, with something for all types of porn lovers to enjoy.

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Caper Cats Prohibition Era Chicago is the setting for this chilling tale of female gangsters and a lone lady cop. Porsche Lynn plays the police captain with a bank heist on her hands and a score to settle. Her weapon is the third degree and her arena the precinct house basement. One of the most popular Angela Faith movies.

Cult Of The Bound Two adventurous girls have decided to explore an old abandoned castle. This is a decision they will soon regret. The dark secrets it holds are stranger than anything anyone can imagine. Bizarre satanic rites, virgin sacrifices, and now these two lovely lasses are to be initiated into a life bondage. Deep in the castle's dungeons a mysterious cloaked figure binds them and rebinds them in a never ending series of constricting ties. They are now in the possession of the Dungeon Master. They are his to use as he pleases. These delicious damsels strain against their bonds and cry into their gags. But their struggles are hopeless. They face an eternity of dark bondage. Very nice Angela Faith naked scenes.

Doin' Time If you are a fan of California Star's Bondage videos you will recognize the setting for this Correctional storyline. And if you don't normally pay attention to the background, our Warden will definitely get your attention. Yes your eyes aren't deceiving you. It is the ever popular, and eternally stunning Miss Julie Juggs. Looks not withstanding, this warden is the meanest bitch on earth when it comes to doing her job. Her style of bondage discipline is unrivaled. Your sympathies will go out the three arrogant blondes that she has the pleasure to discipline. These nubile young women are treated to the severest ties and positioning that their Warden can think of. Nothing is left to your imagination. There is no part of their tender bodies that remains hidden from view. Of course this is the most important part of the disciplinary process. Humiliation breaks their defiant nature. At that point, they become the most willing, subservient slave imaginable. Take notes learn from the best. We hope that you get as much pleasure from viewing this video that we got making it! Angela Faith fucked real hard.

Dungeon Of Despair 2 Two beautiful and very expensive ladies of the night were impressed when they arrived at the stately mansion of Lord Jeffries. The opulence of his estate surpassed that of their most wealthy patrons. As they stripped down to their sexy lingerie they fancied themselves in the permanent role of his Lordship's mistress. Unfortunately, they misread the good Lord Jeffries' intentions. He is an upstanding citizen of the highest moral standards. When the two lovely girls find themselves bound in his private dungeon their situation becomes clear. His Lordship is determined to cleanse them of their sins and persuade them to change their evil ways. They will spend the night bound to chairs, hogtied, arms stretched overhead, and in many other positions. Their bondage will continue until they repent. And the Lord Jeffries must be the sole judge as to their sincerity. If he must, he will keep them in bondage forever. It's for their own good you know. Watch Angela Faith getting fucked.

Grandma Likes Pussy 2 Women loving women is every man's secret fantasy, and these grandma's don't disappoint as they get it on and play as only life-long lesbians can. Hot Angela Faith nude shots.

Grannys Gone Wild 6 Do you love the geriatric ward of the hospital, where grandma's run wild in the halls looking for dick? Just cause she's a grandma doesn't mean she isn't still hot, horny and ready for sex! All those years of sexperience have made her one wild ass fuck! Look out cause granny is gonna rock your world!! See Angela Faith fucking.

Just Bondage Here is bondage erotica in its purest essence. No plot line, no dialogue. Just ropes, gags, and girls. In this feature, two of our favorite bondslaves, Natasha and Angela, demonstrate what bondage play is all about. Their curvaceous bodies straining sensuously against the unrelenting embrace of tight ropes, their pleading eyes and muffled moans are a portrait of feminine subjection. Don't let their struggles and moans fool you. These girls love their bondage, and you will love their performance as they endure a series of ties, expertly executed by our Master Bondsman, D.J. Houston. So sit back, relax, and take in the show. See Angela Faith fuck up close.

Monkee Business A cloud of gloom hangs over the tiny woodland village of St. Germaine. The lovely girls of the village, once bubbling with laughter are now in a state of chronic depression. A big city doctor would diagnose this as classic PMS. But the village crone knows better. She has seen this before. Clearly these girls have been possessed by demons of depression. This is a job for Brother Luke, exorcist monk. The possessed girls have been bound and carried to the monastery where Brother Luke applies the tried and true techniques of tickling and bondage. After their tender skin has been cruelly caressed by the holy feather from the angel St. Michael, they will be beside themselves with laughter. The demons of gloom can't stand laughter. Once again the good monk has driven out the demons and restored joy to the village. Nevertheless, Brother Luke keeps his Holy Feather at the ready. One never knows. By this time next month the demons of gloom may return. It has been known to happen. A highly watched Angela Faith video.

The Disciplinarians It s a rare treat: see a famous female disciplinarian teach the art of girl-spanking to her best pupil! Learning from Dana Johansen (cool blonde beauty Star Chandler) can be a bruising experience, but cute Kim (Isadora Rose) is anxious to try. Enter Mrs. Josephine Jones (adult film sensation Angella Faith) sent by her husband for "correction"-translation: relentless spanking! And when two snobbish young socialites wangle their way into Johansen's lair, Courtney and Rebecca (sexy Summer Knight and adorable Brook Taylor) make perfect subjects for Kim's practice. And does she learn a lesson! A great Angela Faith porn movie.

Tori Sinclair Is ...Bound And Punished Explicit hardcore action featuring girl's who enjoy pain. Squeezing, pinching, clamping, heels, leather and so much more! Loads of kinks and fetishes in one great flick! XXX Angela Faith sex scenes.

Women Seeking Women 26 The passionate scene between Angella Faith and Nicole. Masseuse Angella gives Nicole a sensuous massage that's worth the price of admission all on its own, followed by wild hot and sweaty strap-on sex! Highly recommended Angela Faith xxx clips.

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