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Angela Summers is one of the top 90’s porn goddesses. This intelligent and witty California babe possesses all the right features. She has a sexy toned body, voluptuous breasts, and a sweet smile. When her stunning looks are combined with her fun-loving personality, people are quick to understand why she is one of the most popular starlets to date. Angela Summers was born on November 6 in southern California where she attended Catholic schools throughout her youth. She came into the porn business by originally looking to do 900-number phone operator work in the evening while working as a secretary during the day. When she went in for the interview, they suggested to her to get into photo and film work. After doing modeling, she jumped into porn with her debut in ‘Wild Goose Chase’. Unlike many porn starlets, this sexy little minx doesn’t crank out movie after movie, but instead carefully chooses her roles. Angela could turn down roles easily because she also had a very lucrative feature dancing career going at the same time. Since she didn’t appear in too many films, when she did make an appearance you could count on seeing very hot, quality action including her moaning and squirming trademark moves. Angela’s performances were so smoking hot that she was voted the 1992 Starlet of the Year by the X-Rated Critics’ Organization. Shortly after winning that award she all but disappeared from the porn scene, appearing in just a few scenes in 1994. Angela has left the scene but she still has plenty of fans. -AEBN

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Bend Over Babes 3 Danyel Cheeks in her first video teases us on the street, then strips for Roscoe in his hotel suite. [Two stars are born-what a stud that Roscoe turned out to be!] Not to be left out, me and my buddy Sparks crash the party. Sparks gets his big cock in her butt hole. Later, I try to get my face in! I'm entranced by Mona Lisa's incredible bend-over strip tease...and Alex Jordan's super-fine California tanned bubble butt! Watch Angela Summers getting fucked.

Best Of Buttman In this classic collection made during the VHS era, Buttman is watching his favorite scenes in his editing room and jacking off to choice moments. It being 1993, his reminiscences usually involve big hair, tight neon-colored spandex, and other fashion atrocities, but the sex is hot and the atmosphere is fun. In a scene shot specifically for this compilation, John is roller-skating at Venice Beach when he discovers Trixie Tyler wearing a purple one-piece and somehow entices her back to his tree house for sex; she fucks her asshole with a dildo. Another lucky bastard drinks beer out of blonde cutie Candy Spears' ass crack. This vintage rerelease includes 20 scenes and four Buttman trailers. A highly watched Angela Summers video.

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