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a.k.a. Annette Haven, Annette Robinson Annette Haven is labeled as one of the first real stars of the porn industry. She brought a fresh and innocent girl-next-door look, while still being one of the most dazzling ladies to appear in hardcore at the time. She had wonderfully shaped, just-the-right-size breasts that balanced out well with oh-so-sweet ass. Annette was raised as a Mormon, later rebelling against her upbringing by creating a strong female character for the screen. She was hailed as a role model for porn actresses and everyday women, but also labeled a bitch for her approach to the business. Annette worked as a nurse’s aid, exotic dancer, and massage therapist before getting into porn. She was known to always be extremely professional and classy. Annette was very selective about which roles she would take as well as who she would work with. Her tenacious work habits led to the higher standard for the films that she appeared in. Annette made her first hardcore performance in 1973 with ‘Lady Freaks’; she was often put into roles where she played the innocent virgin or confident executive. An intelligent actress with the ability to play a range of roles, Annette was hoping to change the way Americans thought about sex. Annette found herself getting more roles as professional women that were secure in their sexuality. The only disappointment this seductive lady of the screen ever brought was her refusal to receive facial cumshots for her films. Annette became one of the first actresses elected to the group’s Performer Hall of Fame for X-Rated Critics’ Organization. She also received a Best Supporting Actress award for Adult Film Association of America in 1977 for her work in ‘Coming of Angels’. She has starred in a couple features that have gone down into the hall of fame as well including ‘Sex World’. Since retiring Annette has started a family and settled down in the ritzy Marin County, California.

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A Thousand And One Erotic Nights: The Story Of Scheherazade The story of Scherazade. It was a time when Sultans filled their tents with gorgeous harem girls, when no fantasy was too outlandish for the oil-slicked slave girls and exotic belly dancers of ancient Arabia. Lush, lavish and lustful, 1001 EROTIC NIGHTS takes you back to an exotic era when sex was an art - and fantasy was realty! You'll witness one sultry tale of desert lust after another, starting with a well hung genie who grants 'three wishes' to three desert girls. Next, Tibetan temple virgins appease their masters in a mind boggling group grope. These are but a few of the bawdy tales that cum to life in one of the most elegant and erotic films ever made. A great Annette Haven porn movie.

Annette Haven The Elegant Lady Anette Haven always refused to do facials, and you gotta respect that. You also gotta respect her gorgeous face, perfect breasts and moist pussy, all of which are on display for your whackin' pleasure. One of the most popular Annette Haven movies.

Erotic Fantasies: Women With Women Annette Haven, Arcadia Lake, Jesie St. James, Juliet Anderson, Monique DuPrez and more of the most stunning ladies Cal Vista features lead a collection of unforgettably sultry scenes. 'Erotic Fantasies - Women With Women' spotlights alluring scenes of beauty, grace and sensual sexuality that every admirer of elegance will adore. With astonishing screen presence and haunting realism, these actresses paint an opulent work of gorgeous sexuality. See Annette Haven fuck up close.

Good To The Last Drop A bevy of bodacious beauties bare all in this blistering collection of torrid trysts. Made up of clips culled from the hottest flicks of the 80's, this is one compilation that never let's up. It's eleven scenes of erotic excitement and high energy antics, starring some of the best-loved starlets of all time. Annette Haven shines in the clinch with John Leslie and Linda Wong, a tenacious threesome that builds to a shattering finale. Rachel Ashley shares her bawdy bra busters with Jamie Gillis in another white-hot encounter, while Abilgail Clayton shows off her perfect curves in a pair of steamy segments. Also starring Shanna McCullough and Kristine Heller, this one's Good to the Last Drop' alright! Annette Haven fucked real hard.

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Naked Afternoon She is nineteen, her name is Thomasina, and you've never met a girl quite like her. She is free, completely uninhibited and incredibly seductive beyond her years. Starting as a masseuse in an elegant Beverly Hills spa, she meets a wealthy film producer, who promises her a fabulous career in films. It is only a small part in an X-rated film, but there she begins a dizzying rise to the top of the world, and the viewer is treated to a rare behind-the-scenes expose of what really goes on in the fabled studios of Hollywood. "Naked Afternoon", starring the exquisite Abigail Clayton and the elegant Annette Haven, is a film that will delight the most demanding X-rated afficionado. You owe it to yourself to see this timeless film. Highly recommended Annette Haven xxx clips.

Peaches And Cream Annette Haven plays a down-to-the-farm girl who decides, after nearly being attacked by her stepfather, to head out to the big city. There she finds that she has to sell her body if she wants to make the really big money, so she jumps right into action and becomes the classiest hooker in the Big Apple. One night while driving, she sees a hustler being attacked by her pimp. Annette saves the girl, then leads her to someone who can do her some good, and with a little coaching by Annette, the new girl becomes another high-class prostitute. Hot Annette Haven nude shots.

Peepshow Loops 103: 70's And 80's Classic vintage stag films, American and European porno loops, arcade nudes and strippers. Blue Vanities Presents the greatest and hottest films from the 1920's to the 1980's. An exciting nostalgia trip. Very nice Annette Haven naked scenes.

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Vanessa Del Rio: Between The Sheets A bed recalls all the sex that's been had on it through the ages. Includes Seka as a gangster's moll and Vanessa Del Rio as a sassy greaser chick! XXX Annette Haven sex scenes.

Visions Of Claire A film in the style of “Emmanuelle”, but with a raw passion of “The Story of O”. Clair has a powerful, almost supernatural attraction to those about her. Living alone in her stately mansion, she attracts the most fascinating men and women to her estate, where seemingly bound to her and her aberrant desires, they eagerly give themselves sexually to her and to each other. Is it her magnetic attraction due to her phenomenal beauty? The sexual aura that surrounds her? Or to a valuable yet mysterious necklace always around her neck? See how ordinary people become extraordinary sexual participants in her games of eroticism…to a climax that is blinding in its sexual intensity. A highly watched Annette Haven video.

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