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Annie Sprinkle is a true legend in the industry. Annie started out as a prostitute and porn star later moving on to being an author, performance artist and sex guru. This incredible woman has been everywhere in the sex business and has shared the wealth of information she gained through it all. Annie started on this path of sexual learning at the tender age of 18 when she was working in Tucson, Arizona at the Plaza Cinema selling popcorn while the movie ‘Deep Throat’ was being played. After that she went on to work at a massage parlor, only to realize that she was working as a prostitute. Annie continued her work as a prostitute on and off for approximately twenty years. During the next year, she moved to New York for the hardcore porn business. This vixen started out as an on set assistant with Kirt Studios, later becoming an actress for them. Annie appeared in over 50 films, quickly becoming the second best selling adult video star of 1981 in the USA. Most of her success in 1981 was related to the hit film ‘Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle’. Annie got involved in every type of porn she could from anal sex to bondage. Her busty build and sweet looking face just made her fiery lust all that more exciting to watch. Annie Sprinkle has been an advocate for female sexuality since her porn beginning in the 1970’s. She has produced over 300 articles about various sexual topics for numerous adult publications. In the early 1980’s, Annie was an activist in getting the adult industry to address the AIDS issue. Her message was ignored, which led to her leaving the mainstream porn industry soon after. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, Annie has created several performance art pieces, which she would perform in strip clubs and other venues. In 1988, she met Linda Montano, who became Annie’s role model and mentor, which the two ended up working together on performance art pieces for fifteen years. Annie received a Ph. D. in Human Sexuality in February of 2002 from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, making her the first porn star to ever earn a doctorate degree. She is now a certified sexologist, and has been helping sex workers stay healthy and safe. Annie currently runs a photography studio, producing photos for many magazines, she also works with people offering a range of one-on-one services through her website.

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