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April May touched down on porn like a tornado, back in the mid 1980’s. As VHS was helping create a porn boom, this curvy and luscious lady hit the scene fast and hard in 1985 staying for just a year. With her youthful appearance and large curly blonde hair, she was a stand out in every title she appeared in. During this time period almost all girls were completely natural, and April was one of the hottest among them. April packs a substantial set of mouthwatering breasts that round out her figure very nicely. With her debut in 1985, April proved that though she looked young, sweet, and innocent, she was indeed a skilled sexual diva on camera. She quickly established herself as a strong performer with around a dozen titles under her belt before leaving the world of porn in 1986. April came back with a couple non-sex roles in the early 90’s before walking away from porn for a final time. Fans of young beauties still stumble across this delectable beauty from time to time, most of which fall into her still expanding legion of fans, even though she has been long out of the scene. With most of her performances dominating the titles she appears in, a couple particularly standout scenes for her are in ‘Rich Bitch’ and ‘Layover.’ Still mesmerizing, fans of a softer hardcore styling and youthful exuberance will want to check out her amazing performances. -AEBN

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Big Tit Superstars Of The 80's: Lesbian Bra Busters 2 Samantha Strong, Keisha, Ebony Ayes, April Maye, Mona Page, Tina Marie, Linda Shaw, Misty Reagan, Honey Wilder, Arabian Treasure Chest. The girls of Double D, the lovely Samantha Strong and Keisha, give you 2 giant pairs to look at while they are busy eating each other's pussies! The E cup tits of Arabian Treasure Chest come into play when she joins her masturbating friend in the hot tub! Ebony Ayes oils up Raven's erect nipples and is rewarded with a tongue up her snatch blond tit queen Linda Shaw licks exotic beauty Tina Marie's asshole while she begs for more! This movie includes The Bermaid and the Bitch, The Mistress and the Maid, Good and Plenty and many more in the ultimate 80 big titted lesbian series! Rated XXX! See April May fucking.

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Lust American Style Nicole and Susan are going to have a really good day. They start it off well enough when Nicole gets horny and needs Susan to stick her fingers deep inside her. They talk about their favorite sexual experiences and stories their friends have told them. Naturally these horny ladies start to spy on their friends who are just as promiscuous as them. From a good hard fucking to some hot and steamy lesbian action, they see it all. They invite some friends over for a great end to a great day. It's Lust, American Style. See April May fuck up close.

Monkee Business A cloud of gloom hangs over the tiny woodland village of St. Germaine. The lovely girls of the village, once bubbling with laughter are now in a state of chronic depression. A big city doctor would diagnose this as classic PMS. But the village crone knows better. She has seen this before. Clearly these girls have been possessed by demons of depression. This is a job for Brother Luke, exorcist monk. The possessed girls have been bound and carried to the monastery where Brother Luke applies the tried and true techniques of tickling and bondage. After their tender skin has been cruelly caressed by the holy feather from the angel St. Michael, they will be beside themselves with laughter. The demons of gloom can't stand laughter. Once again the good monk has driven out the demons and restored joy to the village. Nevertheless, Brother Luke keeps his Holy Feather at the ready. One never knows. By this time next month the demons of gloom may return. It has been known to happen. Very nice April May naked scenes.

Number Five The Escape On an uncharted island a bizarre society continues its efforts to break the sprit of their most elusive and resourceful prisoner. Stripped, bound, and subjected to a series of cruel domination techniques this lovely espionage agent a woman of exceptional beauty and courage is determined to resist their efforts to bend her will. In the midst of her ordeal, she detects a ray of hope. A rivalry between her punishers may provide an opportunity for escape. It is this thin ray of hope that keeps her courage alive. Hot April May nude shots.

Number One The Betrayal The dark world of espionage has its own set of rules. For those who violate those rules, it imposes its own penalties. Two beautiful secret agents had foolishly decided to defect. Now they are imprisoned on a mysterious uncharted island, out off from all contact with the outside world. Here, they are subjected to bondage, psychological punishments, and relentless interrogation in an effort to get them to divulge the identity of their ringleader. Will these ladies escape their island prison? Or will they spend the remainder of their lives in constant bondage? One of the most popular April May movies.

Number Three The Interrogation Repeated attempts to escape and a general attitude of defiance has made one lovely spy a special attraction for the ruling elite at the mysterious prison island. Determined to transform this rebel into a model citizen of their bizarre community, the interrogators subject her to a series of uncomfortable ties. Special training at spy school has made their stubborn prisoner impervious to their painful persuasion technique. It's going to take something special to break her will. The beautiful prisoner will now be facing shock therapy and other exotic bondage techniques, and loving every minute of it! A great April May porn movie.

Number Two the Prisoner The leader of a spy ring has been captured and interned with her comrades on the mysterious prison island where nothing is as it seems. The clever and resourceful agent attempts a daring escape with her two companions. But they are soon caught and subjected to a number of mind conditioning techniques involving strict bondage and humiliation. Will the bizarre society in this island community break the will of their star prisoner? How much bondage can one girl endure? And what does any of this have to do with that ridiculous bicycle? XXX April May sex scenes.

Spellbound The fountain of youth is every aging woman's dream. But when dreams come true, a price must be paid. When Mordrid, the wizard offered to restore youth and beauty to Faustina, the village crone, he had not been entirely forthcoming about the price she would have to pay. Faustina gladly pawned with her worthless crystal ball in exchanged for his services. The agreement was made, the spell was cast, and Faustina was instantly transformed into a beautiful young princess. But she was also bound and gagged. The evil Mordrid had no use for the crystal ball. What he really wanted was Faustina. Unfortunately the spell only lasts for a few hours. So after the evil wizard has retied and slowly stripped his lovely slave and admired her sensuous struggles within his expert bonding, he must recast his spell or she will be lost to him forever. But even an evil wizard can have his bad days. The moment of spell casting last approaches and Mordrid has lost his recipe. He has to work from memory. Will he get it right? Or will his lovely captive princess croak? A highly watched April May video.

The Solution Kelli is beautiful and talented, but her recent performance record is not quite as it should be. A number of clients have filed their complaints with her Mistress. It is most unfortunate that one so lovely must be so obstinate. Master and Mistress have dealt with such situations in the past. They have the perfect solution. A special session of bondage and discipline should instill an attitude of obedience in their rebellious bondslave. There are no problems that plenty of tight ropes on bare skin can't cure. Watch April May getting fucked.

Thick And Natural She is packed and stacked with a brick house rack. These all natural girls are thick and they are sporting nice, firm hooters and a rock hard bods that are just built for fucking! Highly recommended April May xxx clips.

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