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Before porn, Billie was a waitress and then went into modeling. Her spare time is spent dancing,shopping, and fast driving.Coming from a South Georgia backround all Billie wants in the end is to settle down on a farm with a rich man, but befor that she wants to get in a healthy dose of sex!

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2 School Girls Play Billie and Vanessa have to stay after school to study. Their teacher has to leave the room to go see the principal. As she leaves she tells the girls to study the computer book and whatever they do to not go in her desk. After the teacher leaves the girls start studying but get bored so the first thing they do is go into the desk. They find a pack of cigarettes and light one up. Coughing and giggling they put the cigarette out and go exploring again and find the teacher's makeup. After putting on lipstick they pull out a pair of her granny underpants and have a fun time putting them on. After this all their clothes come off and they hug and kiss. Then to their surprise they find 2 vibrators in the desk. They both play with these toys making their pussies nice and wet. They both have great orgasms. Then Vanessa licks and fingers Billie's pussy to put out her fire. Oh these are definitely naughty schoolgirls. A great Billie West porn movie.

All Amateur Video 15: Nasty Newbies Watch these filthy nymphos record all sorts of dirty things on camera for the very first time! These are hardcore scenes shot by the girl next door! A highly watched Billie West video.

Best Of Billie In the last two years Billie West has made quite an impression out there on many thousands of men building up an incredible reputation. This is a collection of some of Billie's most popular masturbation scenes. First is a clip from Dr. West. Billie really gets wet and sexy for you. Next is a clip from Schoolteacher. Billie plays an old maid that still knows how to please her man, and last Billie is tied up and gagged. All three clips show Billie's famous pussy and she fingers and spreads wide open for you. This DVD is 60 minutes straight of Billie in hot steamy action, showing you why Billie is the best of the best. Very nice Billie West naked scenes.

Hairy Armpits Billie is sitting on her bed wearing a sexy feathery lingerie outfit with her hair up in a bun. She loves touching her hairy armpits and then plays with her breasts. Off comes the outfit and she grabs one of her favorite dildos. She gives it a good sucking and then works it down to her wet pussy. In and out as she fucks her pussy hard and deep to a great orgasm hoping that this will turn you on. Lots of fingering and close up shots of Billie's beautiful pink pussy. XXX Billie West sex scenes.

Like My Sexy Ass Billie gets home from shopping with her girlfriends. She sits on the couch and takes off her sneakers then shows you her ass in her favorite pair of blue jeans. She takes off her top revealing her perfect breasts with her nipples already hard and tries to lick them. She spanks her ass hard as she slowly takes her jeans off. She spreads her cheeks wide open and puts a finger way up her asshole. She turns around and spreads her hairy, wet, pink, pussy wide open while fucking herself with her fingers. Billie unwraps the present she bought for herself, a purple anal dildo. She sucks on it to get it wet then slips it deep into her tight ass. She fucks her ass deep and hard with her new toy. She has a massive orgasm while she fucks her ass and fingers her pussy. Billie West fucked real hard.

My Big Dildo Billie is wearing a nice robe and underpants with her hair up in a ponytail. She has had a long hard day and now it is time to relax. She starts off with her massager giving herself a nice massage on her tense shoulders. She works it down to her pussy, plays with her firm breasts and starts to get turned on and ready for some fun. Now she is ready to get fucked so she grabs her new dildo still in the package and gives it a good suck. It is too big to take inside of her so she reaches for her red vibrator and fucks herself good with it. Not satisfied she grabs her anal probe and fucks her ass hard and deep. Then with the vibrator in her pussy, the probe in her ass and the big dildo in her mouth she really gets off and fires a deep-seated orgasm. Now she is feeling much better. One of the most popular Billie West movies.

School Teacher Scoll marm Ms. Gordon gets back from a boring meeting with the principal. She has some letters from her students that she reads as she has to stay in her room for one more hour. The AC dose not work and with the fan on she starts to takes off her drab cloths to expose a sexy garter and stockings underneath the full-length skirt. She starts playing with her firm breast and does things with a pencil eraser that will get you excited. Then reading more letters that her students wrote she starts to get excited and rubs her pussy through her underpants. She then gets out the paddle that she uses on her naughty students and gives herself a good spanking. She talks about the principal getting a good ass whipping. After her ass is on fire, she pulls out a bottle of lubricant out of her desk and starts to masturbate putting her fingers deep inside of her. Lots of juicy wet close ups of Ms. Gordon pushing her pink wet pussy in and out. See Billie West fucking.

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Tied And Gagged in Pantyhose Tied up and Gagged is a great collection of out top 3 girls being tied up and gagged wearing pantyhose. The first clip is adorable Ivy. She struggles to get lose wearing her outfit and then being nude down to her pantyhose. What great little firm titties. Next is Isabella. With a great face even with wearing a ball gag, she is sure to please. With a tight body and firm breasts she tries to get loose of her bonds with no avail. This is one sexy lady who you would love to have tied up in your office. Last but not least is the incredible Billie West in her first bondage video taken when she just turned 19. Her boyfriend helps tie her up and she really gets pissed at him. Nude down to her pantyhose with the body that made her name infamous, this girl really struggles to get lose. All three of these models do a fantastic job and you will want to watch them squirm and wiggle to lose their bonds but not their pantyhose. Hot Billie West nude shots.

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