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Multi award winner Blake Harper got his start in 1998. Born on October 18, 1968, Blake's versatile performances, boyish face and muscular body made him a fan favorite from the get go, but it was his sincerity and constant professionalism that made him one of the most sought after talents in the gay porn industry. In 1999 Blake was recognized as "Best Performer" at the Grabby's. He also won "Gay Performer of the Year" at the 2001 GayVN awards. Blake was a passionate performer who retired from the industry in 2005 in order to return to nursing. His retirement was chronicled in the 2005 documentary Naked Fame, which followed his boyfriend and fellow adult porn star Colton Ford. Since the film Colton and Blake have parted ways and Blake has moved back to his native Windsor, Ontario, Canada, where he works as a nurse in a local hospital. After more than 60 films Blake has no regrets about retiring from the industry or any plans to return to films.

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Hairy Boyz 16 A three way with the hottest men of the year make up the final scene of Sexpack One. Zeus Boy of the Year Robert Black is joined by Jason Branch and Gay VN Performer of the Year Blake Harper for a construction site work over that runs the gamut from bondage to fucking - including an amazing three guy chain! Blake Harper's pucker-hole never looked so good, especially when Jason drives his empire-shattering cock right into his gut. Wow! This scene was a contender for best three-way that year and illustrates that Raging Stallion doesn't make "just porn." No sir! This is high class erotic art that will get you off and satisfy your every visual need! Highly recommended Blake Harper xxx clips.

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Tales From Two Cities Distance makes the heart grow fonder and the hard-on harder. But when lovers are out of town, the rules can fall to the wayside. Catalina and director Peter Romero take you on a story of sweaty lust and guilty conscience in Tales from Two Cities. Hot Blake Harper nude shots.

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