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Twink sensation Brant Moore got his start in popular remakes The Dicks of Hazzard and Betwinked. In Betwinked Brant appeared in a very intense scene alongside Jayden Holloway. His almost primal, energetic performance left many wanting more and Brant soon became one of industry’s most sought after twinks. His latest remake, The Porne Ultimatum, has Brant working alongside another well-known twink- Brent Corrigan. However no matter whom he’s put up against, Brant always holds his own. There’s no question this guy is in it for the long haul as his latest films have him shedding his twink appearance for more aggressive roles. His great sense of humor and on screen presence were key in landing him a part in Dirty Bird Pictures’ Grindass House, a 1970’s gay porn parody. In this critically acclaimed role, Brant proves that he’s ready to take on any challenge that’s thrown his way.

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