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Brittany Morgan or Britt for short, rolled into porn industry back in 1987. She was born and raised in Tyler, Texas. This natural blonde beauty emits a natural sex appeal, which is only magnified by her emerald green eyes. Brittany has that sexually deprived housewife that will do anything to please her partner. This blonde bombshell got her start in the industry when approached by a photographer that was taking photos of her boyfriend’s band in LA. From the photos, she ended up winning quite a few amateur photo contests. By winning she got to do layouts for a number of publications including Oui, Velvet, Gallery, and Hustler. When in New York for one of her photo shoots she met David Christopher, who was about to direct “Bad Attitude”. He invited Brittany to star in the movie, which she accepted. Britt didn’t have a stage name at the time so she settled on Jacy Bodean, which is the only time she ever used that name. The second title Britt appeared in was ‘Passion Chain’, this is when she name Brittany Morgan was born. It is also when Britt decided that she loved the business and wanted to make a career out of it. She has starred in around 125 films and done many magazine layouts over the years. Most recently, Britt has been busy doing behind the scenes activities like wardrobe, art director, camera, etc. Brittany has a truly happy nature and it shows in her work. She is definitely a favorite of the many fans of perky blondes in porn. Obviously her fun loving attitude has worked well for her because she has won a best supporting actress award for ‘In Defense of Savannah’, as well as best screenplay and best picture for ‘Cheeks 2 The Bitter End’. She continued on to win other awards over the coming years, and shortly after that AVN inducted Brittany Morgan into their hall of fame for all of her contributions to the porn industry.

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