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Porn legend, Buck Adams entered the porn scene back in the early 1980’s. This muscular stud got into porn when his sister, porn superstar Amber Lynn, encouraged him to give it a try. He features a chiseled, handsome look, and was obviously one of the most dependable studs ever with over two decades of hardcore experience. On top of his manly look, Buck also has some of the best acting skills of any porn star. A true performer in all scenes, he has proven to be a favorite for titles that require more acting and lines between sex scenes. Early in his career, Buck proved his sexual skills and used his cock-sure attitude to earn the nickname “Buck-o-Matic.” Buck was wed to fellow porn star Janette Littledove in the 1980’s; sadly this marriage did not last. Since then Buck has enjoyed many on screen partners that appeared to be more than just co-stars. Rebecca Wild was often found sharing the scene with Buck providing some incredible scorching scenes. Buck is not only one of the finest studs to grace the screen, but he also has been directing titles as well for nearly as long. Buck made his acting debut in 1983, and jumped into a directing career in 1988. He created his own production company called Digimaxx, and continues to direct to this day. Buck gave up his lustrous acting career after 21 successful years in 2004. One of the best-known males of porn, Buck Adams is one for the history books.

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Beach Ball Sin City and Henry "Big Kahuna" Spencer present a retro-sexual look at those purple haze days when being cool was a way of life and getting' laid was easy. All it took was a smooth rap, a hip look and a pair of concert tickets could make most any chick fall to her knees and worship "El Choad"... Ya, those were the daze, hangin' at the Love Shack with the local perverts, surfin' all day, bangin' all night, coppin' a feel, makin' em squeal, boners, moaners, hangin' 10 and doin' it again. A great Buck Adams porn movie.

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Marina Heat It's an accepted fact that people who live at a marina are the loosest, most immoral swingers to be found. And the most infamous marina of all lies on the coast of sunny California, a stone's throw away from the mega-rich Beverly Hills, scandalous Hollywood, and the international ideal location for the promiscuous flight attendants, poor little rich girls and struggling actresses to find love and lust. These are the reasons why star reporter Ace Woodward (Buck Adams) and his side kick Melanie Moans (Amber Lynn) have chosen the marina for their story on the Sex Life of the Free and Easy. As they get deeply involved in the pointed questions as whether flight attendants really screw passengers to join the "mile high club", whether bikini-clad nymphets really land parts by strolling on the beach past Hollywood moguls getting their summer tan, and whether the marina heat really contributes to a high and more intense sex drive. Melanie and Ace find themselves unavoidable driven to release their pent-up tensions. They go out in the world of hot, sun-baked bodies, unbridled passions and sleek sailboats to find the "nuts and bolts" of their article. What they learn about the swinging single life on the water is what this story is about. Watch Buck Adams getting fucked.

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