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Aliases Candace Chambers, Candice Ball, Candice Chambers, Mary Pearson Candida Royalle was originally an art student who became a nude model before entering the world of porn in the mid seventies. Her first film was the “The Analyst” in 1975. In the 1980’s, after appearing in about 50 films, she decided to try her hand at directing. Around this time, she started up Femme Productions. The company was a great way to showcase her writing and production talents. All of her talents, both in front and behind the camera, and hard work were recognized when AVN inducted her into their Hall Of Fame.

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Football Cheerleader This classic from 1979 stars some of the shapeliest sirens of the day in a blistering look at a football team's sexy cheerleading unit. This raucous romp through the world of pro football is complete with sensual shower scenes and hot locker-room buffs. Candida Royale turns in one of her best performances here, throwing her curvalicious frame into a pair of classic trysts. She takes on Jennifer West in an extremely arousing lesbian dust-up and engages in a blistering, high-energy interracial bang tango that doesn't let up until she is utterly spent. Fans of buxom ravishers will flip for this one, filled with the natural charms of Candida, Lisa De Leeuw, and Sue Nero. It's a no-holds-barred sexfest from kickoff to the final whistle! A must see for any fan of 70's style erotica. Very nice Candida Royalle naked scenes.

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Mother's Arrangement Sunny, played by big-titted porn legend Candida Royalle, works for Mr. Carmichael. He's hired by Mrs. Carter (Marlene Willoughby) to stop her son Mark from wasting the family fortune. Sunny seduces Mark and learns that Mom had sexually seduced him many years ago. If that twist isn't shocking enough, wait till you see the erotic end! See Candida Royalle fuck up close.

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The Insatiable Blair Family 100 Years of Uncontrollable Lust! A traveler stopping in at a roadside tavern overhears the bartender telling a tale of the local Blair family, whose women have been cursed with an insatiable desire for sex. He decides to do a little investigating of his own. A highly watched Candida Royalle video.

Veronica's Diary Veronica Hart is by far one of the most gorgeous brunettes of the golden age. She had an incredible chemistry with the camera and her onscreen sexual antics were one step below ultra kink. She had an uncanny appetite for cock and she known for taking on her studly counterparts with incredible passion. In this film we feature ten full-length scenes from our vast collection of rare, vintage footage from our VXP vault. This is a must have for any serious collector of golden age, vintage material. XXX Candida Royalle sex scenes.

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