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Channone is a gorgeous French treat that came to the United States with the intent of making it big in the porn industry. Fortunately, Channone’s newness to the English language didn’t hinder her stardom, as she is fluent in the language of lust. She made her debut in 1996 and it wasn’t long before she was proving her metal as a ready, willing, and able to try anything adult performer.

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Batbabe The Crusader, uncaped! There's a new crusader in Gotham tonight. Not some muscle headed half human leather-winged weirdo. It's Batbabe - and she's here to kick some seriously sexual ass! A highly watched Channone video.

Double Anal Why would anyone like watching a girl take 2 cocks in her ass? 'Cause it's filthy! Why do we like girls who do filthy things? 'Cause we're "told" not to! And why do we always seem to do what "they" say we shouldn't? Hell, I don't know...maybe it has something to do with that "Rebellious Streak" most of us porno aficionados seem to have. This is an asshole stretching, cum drenching and awe inspiring voyage down the filthy trail of sphincter fuckers. Al Terego has been a friend of mine for a long time. He's short on hair, a little long in the tooth, but for sure he's the only SOB I've ever known that qualifies unequivocally as the host of a series about assholes! Channone fucked real hard.

Forever Jenna All Jenna. All sex. All Wicked! See Channone fucking.

Hardcore To The Max Porn Star Max Hardcore has been called a lot of things during his career in the industry. Sadistic misogynist. Violent drunk. Porn visionary. The one label that everyone can agree on, though, is this one: success. Max Hardcore has carved out a unique niche for himself in the porn world that no one could ever duplicate, as much as the Rob Blacks and Al Bordas of the world might try. A great Channone porn movie.

Kaitlyn Goes To Rio Having a great time wish you were bare! Kaitlyn and her friends are invited by a wealthy playboy to come to the carnival in Rio. But the real carnival starts on mansion beach or wherever the ho's kick up their heels and peel their thongs! Hot Channone nude shots.

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The Private Adventures Of Pierre Woodman: Dangerous Shots Pierre Woodman has always loved taking risks to shoot in the most awesome locations. On top of that, he's always had a guardian porn angel who has given him the luck to escape from some very dangerous situations. Find out about his most exhilarating scenes and the stories behind them. XXX Channone sex scenes.

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