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Born on August 9, 1968, Chris Stone is known for being one of the most prolific gay porn stars in the industry. Originally from Costa Rica, Chris got his start in the late 1980s and continued to work steadily for the next fifteen years. Throughout his long career Chris was able to work for some of the industry’s biggest studios including Falcon, Video 10, Galaxy Pictures and Jet Set. His exotic good looks also landed him several box covers including Every Inch of Him, Night Feast, Pin Me and One Step Further. Although the bulk of his work is in gay porn Chris also did work in bisexual films like Lust Horizons for Pleasure-Gay. During the height of his career Chris was also featured in several gay publications. Aside from his work in porn, Chris also had his own clothing line, designing clothing for various stage performers.

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Bulge Hung, Horney and Uncut, the guys of Bulge love to show it off. That Bulge they are sporting when they wear a jock strap sure does make a statement. It says "Come and Get it!" Director Roland Dane brings the Bulge in four sweat soaked scenes of hung uncut guys as they go head to head to see how they measure up bulging muscles, bulging jocks, bulging mouths full of hot juicy dick. From the looks of that bulge in your pants your definitely want to check out this BULGE! Highly recommended Chris Stone xxx clips.

Chris Stone V. Jose Ganetti Huge, tattooed bad guy Chris showed us his dark side as he defeats Jose in a powerful wresting match. XXX Chris Stone sex scenes.

Chris Stone V. Rod Stevens These two giant body-builders were sweating bullets in this ferocious "cage-style" fight. All things unfair and dirty were allowed. Chris, who is anything but a gentleman, shows his dominant animal behavior to Rod. At the end he punishes the loser with his huge uncut cut. Chris Stone fucked real hard.

Chris Stone V. Two Twinks 2 Master Chris is teaching his two new beautiful twink students. Although they look very athletic, they know nothing about wrestling. That makes the mature master upset and starts to treat his students in a very bad way with lots of slapping and verbal humiliation. Finally, one of the guys has enough of this treatment and decides to attack the muscleman. That is a big mistake !! See Chris Stone fuck up close.

Chris Stone V. Two Twinks Master Chris is teaching his two new beautiful twink students. Although they look very athletic, they know nothing about wrestling. That makes the mature master upset and starts to treat his students in a very bad way with lots of slapping and verbal humiliation. Finally, one of the guys has enough of this treatment and decides to attack the muscleman. That is a big mistake!! Chris is much stronger than these two together and shows them what real punishment and discipline is. He treats them like puppets, grabs the two and plays with them like they are his slaves. They have to kiss like little pussies, lick each other's ass and suck Master Chris Stone's hard dick. There are lots of hot action in this video like when Chris throws one twink over the other, or when he lifts them up and throws them out of the ring and then there is the super erotic double bearhug! You want to see hard wrestling? You got it! These 3 wrestlers show how to wrestle with dick as hard as iron. In the end, Chris fucks both of the young wrestlers so at least they learn how to be fucked even if they have no talent for the sport. Hot Chris Stone nude shots.

Chris Stone V. Zsolt 6'5" tall newcomer muscleman Zsolt is lifting a barell. Suddenly, Superstar Hunk, Chris Stone appears. He's very mad because he heard from someone that Zsolt is calling himself the "Lord of Pain". That is Chris's title so he starts a fight with this newcomer who is even bigger than him. A crazy speedo wrestling session starts and although Chris is much shorter (only 6'1"), he is technically much better. He simply dominates the giant. He shows us various holds, like sleeper, face spin, camel clutch, cobra clutch, cover pin, nelsons, cradles and scissors. He also verbally humiliates the giant by calling him "The Lord of Queens". After a very hot and intense naked wrestling session, Chris proves to all that the title "Lord of pain" is rightfully his! NO FUCKING QUESTION ABOUT IT!! He punishes the giant by fucking him very hard and Zsolt's ass is stretched to the limits with Chris fingering him using four fingers. At the end, Chris laughs at the defeated and humiliated opponent with his evil smile we all like. See Chris Stone fucking.

Logan Vs Dragon Logan Vs. Dragon! Ready.... Fuck!! The battle begins with hard dicks, massive amounts of muscle and tribal tatoos. Who will rein supreme in the ultimate match of cum and tattoo ink?! A great Chris Stone porn movie.

Lord Of Pain Chris is working out in the basement ring when georgeous young titan, George, arrives to repair the junction box. He screws up something which caused a total blackout. The huge master takes this as an offense against his workout and then starts to scream . When the lights come back on, Chris' rage comes back on too as he tears off poor George's clothes. The much bigger muscleman teaches him DISCIPLINE. Chris is a very skilled wrestler, so young George has no chance at all (255lbs v 175lbs) even when he attacks the bodybuilder with a big stick. Chris laughs at George's poor attempt and then humiliates him verbally(in English). What comes next is a one-sided speedo wrestling action that comes with throws, face spins, gutpunch, chestpunch, spanking, body slam, bearhug, cradle, head scissor, pec claw, sleeper and leg grabs.Chris is only playing with the boy without any effort...but this a very cruel game, he doesn't care about the technical and weight difference at all. Chris obviously wins and after stepping and spitting on his new slave's face, pulls his speedo on his head as a mask and orders to call him 'Superhero Master'. Nice dynamic fucking follows, in various positions, with lots of painful nipple punishment, muscle posing, hard spanking and a no-mercy blowjob. At the end Chris clearly deserves the honor of being called the "Wrestlehard's Lord of Pain"! One of the most popular Chris Stone movies.

Tag-Team Wrestling 2 Chris knocks out Max and he and Brocky grab Enrico. They tie him up to the prison bars and gutpunch him mercilessly while they laugh on Enricco's suffering. As Max wakes up he attacks the two guys and in a very dirty 2-on-1 naked action but the combine strength of Chris and Brocky proves too much for Max and they put him into a humiliating ball pain and then beat up Enrico after he escapes from being tied up. The losers have to suck the two victorious guys in variuos positions and a very intense and sexy orgy fuck begins with these musclebound guys. The winners cum while face-sitting on the losers and Max and Enrico have no choice but to lick the ones who beat them feeling like real prison bitches! A highly watched Chris Stone video.

Tag-Team Wrestling First foursome wrestling in the history of Wrestlehard! The video starts in the new prison ring with muscleman prisoner Enrico and superhot giant bodybuilder Max doing their exercises. Chris "Lord of Pain" Stone appears with Body-building competitor Brocky and the Titans start to wrestle. The other guys stop their training and watch the wrestlers. They try to make them upset by yelling "losers" at them and calling them "untalented girls and ridiculous primadonnas". Very nice Chris Stone naked scenes.

Vinnie Vs. Dragon Who can suck and fuck the best? as hot guys Vinnie and Dragon go "head-to-head" in a battle of the sexiest! Watch Chris Stone getting fucked.

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