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Christina Angel was born in August of 1971, the daughter of two Mormon parents. Her father was in the Air Force, so Christina moved every couple years throughout her childhood. This blonde stunner managed to graduate from high school early even with all of the moving she did, and was honored on “Who’s Who Among High School Students,” a show that focuses on the top students in the nation. Christina also graduated from the Musical Institute of Technology in Hollywood, California, where she played piano. This blonde knockout has been dancing since the age of 16 and is still a feature dancer to this day. Christina is rated one of the top 10 dancers in the country, and a stunning sex queen. With over 200 hardcore movies that she has performed in, Christina is an A-list porn actress, but she hasn’t become quite the known quantity you would expect. Her body is incredible, with luscious long legs, and curves that could make most guys quiver. Making her the ultimate package, she has one of the sweetest faces of any blonde bombshell on the scene, with succulent lips that just hint at her oral skills. Christina entered the hardcore world in 1993 where she appears in average of about 20 films a year. She does extremely well with intimate slower-paced sex. Christina won an award for Best Sex Scene from AVN in 1994 for her performance in ‘Dogwalker’ with Steven St. Croix. Diverse in her career, Christina has been a radio show host for a couple stations in California over the recent years. She continues to do films, as well as her feature dancing. Truly an underrated star, if you enjoy busty blondes, look for her sultry hardcore performances. -AEBN

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