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Aliases Colleen Beccaire, Colleen Brennen, Oiga Vault, Sharon Kelly. Colleen Brennan came onto the scene at the dawn of the seventies by appearing in some soft-core flicks, but by 1975 she had moved on to the hard-core variety of porn. One of her best films is “Tower Of Power”. She managed to perform in more than seventy-five flicks. Both the X-Rated Critics’ Organization and Adult Video News have honored her impressive talents with several awards in the eighties. Colleen Brennan continued to entertain audiences with her erotic endeavors until 1987 when she retired from the porn world.

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69 Park Avenue Tom Byron stars in this raucous romp from 1985, playing a cub reporter out to nab his first scoop. His assignment is to uncover the dirt on an old Victorian house that's been turned into the city's liveliest brothel. The madam of the house is Colleen Brennan, a buxom beauty who regales Tom with tantalizing tales of what's gone on within the house's walls. We watch her torrid tales come to life as one lascivious lust bunny after another gets down and dirty with her clients, each one more sexually explosive than the last. Filled with the top-heavy charms of naturally busty babes Little Oral Annie, Erica Boyer and Patti Petite, 69 Park Avenue is one address that you'll find yourself visiting again and again. A great Colleen Brennan porn movie.

Club Hyapatia Hyapatia Lee owns an L.A. strip club called The Red Garter. It's a place where guys go to dream away the cares of the day, and where the strippers actually enjoy their time in the spotlight. But now Hyapatia's lesbian gal pal Colleen Brennan wants her to sell the club and come live in luxury with her. She doesn't want to sell, and instead spends her time dreaming of erotic encounters with her well-built lawyer Richard Pacheco. The action is filled with luscious natural beauties and plenty of strip club bump-and-grind. Club Hyapatia has what it takes to get a rise out of any audience! Hot Colleen Brennan nude shots.

Flesh And Ecstasy Harold Lime the producer of such classics as Amanda By Night, Doctor Desire, The Ecstacy Girls, Society Affairs, Coed Fever, and Desires within Young Girls presents his latest hit... Flesh And Ecstacy! Colleen Brennan fucked real hard.

Getting Personal Wanda's a beautiful hooker who's trying to escape her sleazy way of life. Willie's a nervous immigrant who's got to find a wife in order to stay in the country legally. Together both Willie and Wanda discover they'll be Getting help each other outin a savage love affair of gluttonous sexuality. After Willie and Wanda marry for convenience, they plot a sweaty sex wallow to bilk a rich john out of his money. But Wanda's provocative cohort Lucille absconds with the Moolah. Now broke, a debt to a loanshark must be paid by sexually satisfying the disgusting desires of rich-bitch Sylvia. Still needing money, Wanda initiates Bob and Judy into taboo lust for a subsequent live-sex stage show. How will the desperate lives of Wanda and Willie end! Maybe hopefully...maybe not. But no matter how you look at it, they've both had a trulyt erotic field day of nonstop, relentless carnality. One of the most popular Colleen Brennan movies.

Girls Of The Night Politics makes bedfellows very strange. Porn icon of the 80's, Amber Lynn, stars as a high-priced Washington D.C. call girl with a client list made up of politicians who are as corrupt in the bedroom as they are in their offices. She and her friends, (Colleen Brennan, Renee Tyfani, and black diva, Sahara) are more than eager to assume any position as civil servants! A highly watched Colleen Brennan video.

Good Girl Bad Girl The beautiful, sensual and legendary Velva is suddenly discovered to be the victim of foul play. As we begin to unravel the mysteries surrounding her fate, a disturbing pattern of erotic excess begins to appear. In scene after arousing scene, we witness, in close-up intimacy, the sexual encounter she enjoyed. It's all here...the super charged studs and the lustful, wanton women whose only thrill was newer and wilder forms of orgasmic satisfactions. Hers was a life of unending pleasures, an unparalleled succession of satin sheets and soft willing flesh throbbing at the touch of anticipated ecstasy. And why would anyone want to remove Velva? Only the surprise ending of Good Girl Bad Girl will tell! See Colleen Brennan fucking.

Mother's Pride Mom and her two daughters like fucking so much they do the gardener, pool boy, delivery boy and the daughter's girlfriend. They turn the living room into one great orgy. A mother couldn't have more pride. See Colleen Brennan fuck up close.

The Ribald Tales Of Canterbury In days of old when knights were bold, and lusty ladies were bawdy. You will find this tale of Canterbury is definitely very naughty! XXX Colleen Brennan sex scenes.

Trinity Brown A steamy detective yarn about a sizzling female cop staking a cold blooded murderer, Trinity Brown takes us through the underworld of hot blooded, super sexed, gangsters, strippers, pimps, call girls, and cheap street hoods. Highly recommended Colleen Brennan xxx clips.

Uschi Digard Triple Feature 4: Beauties And The Beast Beauties and the Beast is a classically campy sexploitation flick about a horny yeti terrorizing sexy young campers. Watch Colleen Brennan getting fucked.

Voyeur's Delight A telescope becomes a peephole into a world of sensual delights as a brunette beauty spies on her naughty neighbors. The voyeuristic premise serves as a clever way to link collected scenes featuring some alluring starlets in porn history. From a youthful Ginger Lynn frolicking with Tom Bryon and a spiky-haired brunette hottie to a wild group session involving the ravishing Rhonda Jo Petty, there's no shortage of sexy star power on hand! And when a vacuum salesman eventually stops by the voyeur's place, he's treated to the torid time of his life. The scenes are culled from some of the 1970's and 1980's hottest flicks and are filled with plenty of amazing all-natural eye-candy. Very nice Colleen Brennan naked scenes.

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