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Aliases Candy Cooze, Candy Croza, Candy Cruz. Dana Lynn was a sexy porn star in the eighties who was only in the industry for a short while. She debuted in 1986 and sadly never got above the rank of a supporting performer in the industry, which was unfortunate due to her level of both talent and good looks. She had the sexual passion to steam up any scene, from group to lesbian, but she seemed to enjoy her oral performances the most. Dana Lynn departed from the porn world at the close of the eighties. So if you are looking for a sexy blonde with unbridled carnal lust the films of Dana Lynn are definitely ones not to be overlooked.

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Aja Porn star Aja is a sexy, truly heart-stopping gorgeous brunette with full breasts and a hard dance-honed body. She had deep brown eyes that you feel you could fall into. One of the most beautiful and sexually powerful performers ever to appear in adult films, Aja stayed at the top of fans' and critics' lists throughout her four-year carnal career! Aja was also quite a superior actress to most in the field, and this combined with her devastating good looks and total lack of inhibition to keep her among the elite of X-rated sex starlets. Hot Dana Lynn nude shots.

Amos And Candy Sugar and spice mixes the races in a sweet feast of inter-racial delights. It delivers beautiful young girls like newcomer Dana Lynn to the exotic, erotic pleasures of powerful black studs, along with offering brown sugar snacks that tease and tantalize white dudes. One of the most popular Dana Lynn movies.

Back Door Brides 3 They're back! The gang that exposed the dark side of the wedding, the bottom of the brides now is here to show you how to acheive an open marriage. The director of Honeymoon Ranch, Mr. Thaddeus (Robert Bullock) has assembled another fine staff (Nina Hartley, Ray Victory, Nina de Ponca) to instruct the students in the analmentary art of backdoor sex. After a year of marriage, Stan (Frank James) and Sally (Dana Lynn) have drifted away from the romantic backside adventures that made their marriage so exciting. Their sexually liberated new neighbors (Peter North and Tiffanie Storm) express the same problems. The solution, obvious, a trip to Honeymoon Ranch for a "rear refresher" course! Times have changed yet the crack staff at the Ranch will still take "butts" for an answer. It's fun, it's exciting, it's all the way in, in Backdoor Brides #3. See Dana Lynn fuck up close.

Batteries Included 1988 Something strange is taking place in the SILICON VALLEY! The will make house calls. They are fully charged and become one of your FANTASIES. They are guaranteed to be better than the real thing and the BATTERIES ARE INCLUDED! For the lover of the classics here it is now on DVD! A highly watched Dana Lynn video.

Coming Alive Las Vegas Video presents you with our newest entry into our line of classic movies. Starring Nikki Randall, Dana Lynn, and Fallon, it is bound to find an honored place among your porn! Highly recommended Dana Lynn xxx clips.

Goin' Down Slow John Leslie serves up a sexy mystery worthy of Perry Mason in his second steamy feature, Goin' Down Slow. It's all about a cheating housewife, a nosy neighbor, and a woman named Madame Rona - who's really a man. Dana Lynn fucked real hard.

Hard To Handle Frat boys devirginizing pretty frosh gals left and right. These pretty young things find themselves in dorm rooms with other horny girls and guys wanting to do nothing more than getting down to the basics. What is so beautiful about this classic feature film is how natural and gorgeous these girls are. It is back to school thats hard to handle but they all get "A's" in Promiscuity 101. Very nice Dana Lynn naked scenes.

How To Get Ahead Welcome to higher education's hottest campus, where making the grade isn't half as important, or nearly as much fun, as making the teacher. Here you'll find that the most popular sports are full contact, as this sexually charged and erotically insatiable student body will always find a new way to enjoy night after night of smoldering sensuality. An interracial cast of adult video's hottest superstars welcomes you to a short semester of carnal cram, courses guaranteed to keep you up all night, but if you're not studying, we won't blame you because this is one school where the action is hot and heavy all night long! Watch Dana Lynn getting fucked.

Laid In The USA Follow with us, if you will! The story of three awesome babes and their travelust for America! As they go through field and stream, over purple mountains majesty, and even above the fruited plains just to quench their thirst for men and of course the occasional woman! A great Dana Lynn porn movie.

Prom Girls It's prom time at The Cumberland School For Ladies. But brother, these delicious debutantes ain't no ladies! And straight-laced Miss Plenty is going to make sure no hanky panky goes on at this year's prom. Fat chance! In the garden, Candy is cramming (but not for exams!) with Tommy. Sally is having a frantic dress fitting with Joey Silvera. And in the dorms, Bunny and Cuddles are boning up on their lesbian do's and don'ts! Poor Miss Plenty! The torrid tension is so hot she goes sexually berserk and turns a student council meeting into an orgy! You can be sure when the prom gets started, everyone's going to have a ball! XXX Dana Lynn sex scenes.

The Secret Of My Sex-cess He started out with a couple of strikes against him, he was poor, and from the wrong side of the tracks. What he did have going for him was hanging right between his legs, in fact it was hanging down almost to his knees. He was smart, at least smart enough to know that most of the guys above him in the company had wives and girlfriends whose incessant carnal needs and insatiable deep sensual desires gave him the chance to work some of his behind the scenes humping and bumping magic. One by one he gave them the most exquisitely exciting sexual interludes they'd ever experienced, and they loved him for it, again and again. So much that before long the executive doors suddenly began to open. He began to climb the corporate ladder and soon had the office right next to the boss. All the other guys snickered that he'd gone as far in the company as he could, but what they didn't know was that the boss' wife had just invited him for tea on the yacht. See Dana Lynn fucking.

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