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Originally from Holland, Deidre Holland relocated to Australia, which led to her into the world of Down Under porn. Within a short time, Deidre decided to head over to the United States and launch an adult film career there. It was about this time that she wed her occasional co-star Jon Dough. Eventually, her beauty and sexual talent garnered her a contract with Vivid Video and helped her become one of the nineties’ best-loved stars. After a while, Deidre ceased to perform in adult flicks, but she will no doubt always remain a favorite of those who enjoy beautiful blondes with the ability to add steam and sexual intensity to their performances.

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Bad Habits Deidre Holland isia novelist. A rich novelist. When her imagination gets the better of her, she seeks help for her sexual compulsions from a famous psychotherapist. Past-life therapy takes Deidre back to more than one erotic encounter of a lifetime. But is the Doc for real, or are his methods--and motives--unsound? And will the fantasies she is imagining become reality? A sophisticated erotic thriller from award winning director John Leslie. Deidre Holland fucked real hard.

Chameleons: Not The Sequel Slip into someone more comfortable. Some people lust for another person's body¦ some long to become that person. Award winning director John Leslie ushers you into a world where sexual identities are never what they seem, where one man's fantasy is another woman's most secret desire! Winner of the 2001 AVN Award for Best Classic Release on DVD. See Deidre Holland fucking.

Elles Voulaient Etre Star Michel Ricaud makes a film in the U.S.A!! Not everywhere: in the Los Angeles, Hollywood, Las Vegas are. Not with just anybody: with the finest looking girls. Not with just any subject: a fully actual one. Not anyhow: in the "high class" way. A Michel Ricaud's hot time. Hot Deidre Holland nude shots.

Fuck Cuts The 90's Go back in time to see the very best and biggest stars in 90's porn! Long scenes, short scenes, the best scenes. It's all here edited by Dick Tingle to the best and the hottest fuck flicks of the 90's. Highly recommended Deidre Holland xxx clips.

I'm Too Sexy Realizing that her marriage is in trouble, Diedre takes the advice of a tantalizing sex show hostess, Miss May. Dressed in garters and lace, Diedre goes off to seduce her husband, Bob, only to find him lusting over his luscious secretary. But Diedre knows she is irresistible. In a steamy jacuzzi, she teases Bob by pleasing her friend Heather. What Diedre doesn't know, is that Heather has a plan of her own. She too, watches the sultry Miss May. With soft lightning, satin and lace, and romantic music, the mood is set for sex. And in the end, Diedre proves that she's too sexy for just one man. Watch Deidre Holland getting fucked.

Mind Trips It is a few years into the future. Technology is about to change sexuality. A brilliant scientist, played by Randy Spears, has created a computer program which manufactures holographic women who are so real that he can actually reach out and touch them. Soon he can experience his wildest fantasies without ever leaving the lab. The next step is a virtual reality brothel in which anyone can do anything he desires. The women are always willing, beautiful. When he creates the perfect woman, played by Deirdre Holland, the scientist is forced to choose between reality or a Mind Trip into the ultimate fantasy. Very nice Deidre Holland naked scenes.

Sin City: The Movie Within the soul of every woman lives a sleeping burning lust waiting to be awakened. XXX Deidre Holland sex scenes.

Student Nurses Meet these naughty nurses as they reveal their deepest sexual desires! Crazy Charlene practices proctology on a private patient and learns a sure cure for the anal aches. Dianna rescues a pimp from the carnal clutches of his hooker by licking his wounds and massaging her mammeries against his feverish loins. And a surprised burglar never knows what hits him when he enters Agnes's home! She spreads him open, searches for contraband and treats his criminal symptoms with pulsating moves that cure him forever of a life of sin. These horny healers have a bedside behavior that's contagious and makes you want to be examined again and again! See Deidre Holland fuck up close.

Tantric Guide to Sexual Potency A different approach to intimacy and explicit lovemaking is what I and the four couples on this videotape seek to inspire. Let is lead you through the Tantric sexual positions and warm up techniques. The intention is to demonstrate how to prolong the sensual experience and reach greater heights of satisfaction then you ever imagined. This certainly is my wish for you. Enjoy! One of the most popular Deidre Holland movies.

The Girls Club Voluptuous blonde beauties... A highly watched Deidre Holland video.

The Three Musketeers With incredible sets, phenomenal photography, and lustfully sensual sex, this is an instant classic. The glory and savagery of 1647 France is captured in explicit detail as swords cling, villains get their just rewards and beautiful women are bedded. This is a film worthy of the big screen, with something extra - pure, lustful, explicit action. A great Deidre Holland porn movie.

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