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Devon Shire is a stunning brunette pornstar with an amazing body. Originally from Pineville, Kentucky, Devon headed out to California and made her adult film debut in 1990. It was in a flick called “Lifeguard”. She has also appeared in such flicks as “Sex Freaks #3” and “Handjob Hunnies”. So if you are a fan of beautiful brunettes with great bodies, be sure to check out her on-screen works.

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Dirty Dirty Debutantes 7 Dirty Dirty Debutantes brings you a variety-filled two hours and 18 minutes of nonstop realism! You'll see the lovely European girls Natalie and Theresa like you've never seen them before! Malina returns and mixes up a reflection of her inner desires and even Jamie Gillis gets his two cents in! We get a brief, but filling, hello from Devon Shire, returning from her retirement! Natalie B. is a winner in every way! A true classic! A great Devon Shire porn movie.

John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut John Wayne Bobbit, AVN Award Winning for most Rented and Best Selling Release. "Ever since this whole thing happened, all everybody wants to see is my you can!" See Devon Shire fuck up close.

KC At The Bat K.C. Williams steps up to the plate and hits a home run! No designated hitter for her! her round the bases and come all the way home. Highly recommended Devon Shire xxx clips.

Mr. Peeper's Nastiest 2 Mr. Peepers, a name that conjures up visions of beautiful, young amateur sluts being poked and prodded in every orifice imaginable, and then being drenched in gallons of cum by depraved studs with video cameras! All trying their very best to get America off! This volume features 10 or the nastiest scenes from the Peepers archives! XXX Devon Shire sex scenes.

Seymore Butts Bustin Out My Best Anal Watch Seymore Butts and his buddy Philmore Butts bang the hell out of some real beauties... all in the ASS, of course! This flick is packed with loads of hardcore action. One of the most popular Devon Shire movies.

Seymore Butts In Paradise I pick Shane up at the airport and 'wow' when I first laid eyes on her! Well, you'll know what I mean! Anyway, on the way back to my house, this incredibly sexy girl somehow talks me into taking a trip with her. Next thing you know, we are on an airplane bound to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. After a traditional balcony bang, Shane leads me to a strip club in the middle of nowhere. That's where we meet Nina, a long legged, big busted brunette, who grabs Shane and brings her on stage. Dancing with Nina gets Shane going and the next think you know, Shane starts blowing me right there in the club! After Shane is done with me, she sets her attention on Nina. Needless to say it doesn't take her long before Nina is agreeing to come back to our hotel with us. This is Nina's first time on camera, and only her second time being with a woman. Hell, I couldn't tell! Both girls are very hot, but when Shane turns to me and says, quote, "Give me the camera Seymore. I want to watch you fucker her", I thought I was going to boil over! I guess you could say this is my very first appearance on camera too! When we get back to L.A. Shane goes off to find work, while I'm left to entertain Ron and Devon. Devon is a classy brunette who transforms from slightly nervous to blowing me and begging Ron to stick his cock up her ass! Great anal action! Meanwhile, not only does Shane find a job, she awakens me to one of the wildest women I've ever met! Wait until you meet Shane! - Seymore Devon Shire fucked real hard.

Smeers You've always dreamed of a neighborhood watering hole like this. Welcome to Smeers, where everybody knows your name, and all your sexual preferences. Join Mad Dad Dan and all the zanies from Hip as they take you for a night on the town you'll never forget. Smeers. It's right up your alley. Watch Devon Shire getting fucked.

Switch Hitters 7 It's the seventh of our blockbuster series and this seventh inning stretch is well worth waiting for! There are many triple plays, terrific 3 ways, among the best ever filmed. The girls are girls, the guys are guys... But in the bed anything goes! This bi movie will shock you, surprise you and turn you on! A highly watched Devon Shire video.

The Bimbo As dumb as they cum..........Kimbo (Leanna Foxxx), a classic bimbo, is invited to Susie's wedding. Sussie's soon to be husband Orrin, is some kinda catch....we're just not sure what kind? Later that night Orrin is murdered. Soon everyone is having hot sex sessions. Orrin's father is fucking Kimba and Susie and even his Mom is getting in on the sex romp. Of course, leave it up to Kimba to solve the mystery of Orrin's murder..... and you'll never guess who did it! Hot Devon Shire nude shots.

The Creasemaster Meet Jean-Paul Slamdog The Creasemaster. His obsession is the crease, and not just your everyday, average crease. No, Slamdog's in love with the crease between beautiful women's legs and he'll do anything to get at it. His only problem is a four letter world wife. Another instant classic from the award-winning director Gregory Dark. See Devon Shire fucking.

The Man Who Loved Women Eight wildly beautiful girls whose fondest desire is to do Rocco like he's never been done before. Very nice Devon Shire naked scenes.

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