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Born in Las Vegas, Elizabeth Starr grew up in Florida. She returned to Las Vegas and began stripping at age 18 to pay her way through college. Shortly after that, she married and moved to LA to work with her husband and his record label, which brought her numerous contacts in the music industry. After their divorce, she headed back to Vegas, where she worked as a music promoter before she returned to the adult world. At 25, Elizabeth began her career as a successful model in men’s magazines. From there she moved on to fetish videos and girl/girl scenes, and finally graduated to the world of hardcore. With over 150 movies under her belt (both mainstream and adult), Elizabeth formed her own production company in 2004, Starr Productions. In 2006 she was awarded the AVN for Best Big Bust release for the movie “Faster Pussycat, Fuck, Fuck!” Today, she continues to work with some of the hottest names in the business, with everything from kinky fetish, hot hardcore, lesbian action, burlesque, and campy movies starring the “Queen of Big Bust Comedy” herself!

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The Basement 2 The summer heat was killing us when the air conditioner broke down at Starr Productions. We unlocked the basement door and went down to check out the AC unit to see what the fuck the problem was. That's when we discovered a hidden box with a stash of 20 tapes! We watched the footage and to our surprise we found a load of hardcore abductions! Apparently a few months earlier, Elizabeth Starr was having naughty little sex parties that we had no idea about! Luckily, she left the tapes behind and now her dirty little secret is out! In Volume Two, Elizabeth and Summer Cummings abduct innocent & unsuspecting Leah Luv! In the end, Leah receives a good lesson in "strap-on" punishment and learns an important lesson, to never walk the Hollywood streets at night! Hot Elizabeth Starr nude shots.

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