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Ember haze is pretty and petite pornstar from the Mid-West whose tiny figure is embellished by a perfect pair of 32B breasts. She got her start in adult films in 1995 and has performed in such films as “Jealousy” and “The Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio #5”.

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Hostile Takeovers In hostile takeovers, neither execs nor workers want new owners--but are powerless to stop them. It happensito corporations all theitime, but--what would it be like if a stable of slavegirls came under theipower of a maniacal new mistress? This hot video explores exactly that possibility. One of the most popular Ember Haze movies.

Jealousy A torrid tale of lies and deceit. The sultry Melissa Hill plays a hapless housewife, who gets roped into a delicously fiendish scheme cooked up by her hubby. Something about her being subjected to depraved sex acts, repeatedly. How bad can that be? It's enough to make you green with envy. Jealous?....You will be. Ember Haze fucked real hard.

Lap Dance There's nothing like a night out with the boys and if you want it hot, wet & wild grab your wallet and head uptown with the naughtiest sex crazed strippers in California. See Ember Haze fucking.

Totally Amateur 3 This is the "Swapping Swingers" edition. Watch these amateur ladies in these spit and dive cum sex scenes! Uncut and raw hard fucking! XXX Ember Haze sex scenes.

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