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Originally from the south, Erica Boyer was born into a very puritanical environment where even kissing and dancing were prohibited. Prior to entering the world of adult entertainment, she worked for a short time as a nurse, but decided to relocate to the San Francisco area. It was there that Erica began her career as a stripper, which would eventually put her on the path to porn stardom. During her seventeen-year stint in the business, she has appeared in such films as “Dark Corners” and “Nothing To Hide”. Erica Boyer eventually came to be known by not only her name, but also by the title of “The Ultimate Goddess of Erotica” which was believed to have been given to her by Nina Hartley. Even though she is no longer performing on screen, Erica Boyer is a sexy and beautiful blonde whose erotic offerings should not be missed.

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Erotic Fantasies: Women With Women Annette Haven, Arcadia Lake, Jesie St. James, Juliet Anderson, Monique DuPrez and more of the most stunning ladies Cal Vista features lead a collection of unforgettably sultry scenes. 'Erotic Fantasies - Women With Women' spotlights alluring scenes of beauty, grace and sensual sexuality that every admirer of elegance will adore. With astonishing screen presence and haunting realism, these actresses paint an opulent work of gorgeous sexuality. See Erica Boyer fuck up close.

Laurien Dominique Triple Feature: Calendar Girl Credited to the mysterious John Philips, this film is an extended version of the kinky Avon video Biker Slavegirls. XXX Erica Boyer sex scenes.

Laurien Dominique Triple Feature: Hard Soap, Hard Soap Prolific legend Bob Chinn's parody of 70's soap operas is one of the better and most (intentionally) hilarious porn parodies of the era. The lunatic asylum dance scenes are cinematic gold! One of the most popular Erica Boyer movies.

Nothing To Hide Nothing To Hide stars legend John Leslie and his sidekick Richard Pacheco, Leslie the promiscuous ladies man who can never sleep in one bed too long, Pacheco the dim witted romantic waiting for the girl of his dreams. Directed by Anthony Spinelli, one of the most illustrious directors of his day Nothing To Hide carries a big budget, phenomenal acting and first class sex scenes with stars including Erica Boyer, Holly McCall and Misty Regan. See Erica Boyer fucking.

Read My Lips No More Bush The True Story! When Erica shaves her lovely mound, she sets into motion the hottest bet ever! 2 guys glimpse her bald beaver and bet who will be the first to get his girlfriend to do the same? Erica Boyer fucked real hard.

Ron Jeremy's Night Of The Headhunter A tribal mask with magical powers stirs up sex in a small town in Alabama. The mask is making the occupants in the house do many strange things whether it's day or night, male or female, or even multiples. The spirit creates an undeniable desire that no one can control. Watch Erica Boyer getting fucked.

Sex After Death Harry has passed on to his great reward. Return with us to the lays of his life as retold by Barbara Dare, Sharon Mitchell, Erica Boyer and Sheena Horne. Discover for yourself why they all lovingly consider him the greatest man who ever loved. Very nice Erica Boyer naked scenes.

The Authority Sisterhood The line between pleasure and pain gets blurred when you enter the underworld of sisterhood. The beauty of flesh and whips are combined in a raw sexual experience. A highly watched Erica Boyer video.

The Best Little Whore House In Hong Kong After her uncle dies and leaves everything to her Mary travels to Hong Kong to claim his estate. When she arrives she discovers she now owns The Best Little Whorehouse In Hong Kong, full of hot and Horney babes ready to suck you till you pop. Join Mary as she goes on an exotic adventure in whorehouse management. A great Erica Boyer porn movie.

The Immoral Miss Teeze Erica Boyer has a hard time selling FANTASY COSMETICS, but most of the time she seems to end up in the thick of it. Even Tony Martin tries to show Erica the finer points of selling. Then Ron Jeremy gets into the act, after finishing his business in the garage. Even Melissa Melendez' shot at Mr. B and Melissa's old man, Frank James takes everything Erica has to offer, and that was quite a buy. But her husband has ideas of his own. He finds his own Fantasy Girl, Ronnie Dicksen. Then this dynamic duo ends up with a threesome with Erica Boyer's biggest ball of her life. This girl is the dirtiest, the sluttiest, the filthiest, the naughtiest and the most IMMORAL MISS TEEZE in one film! Highly recommended Erica Boyer xxx clips.

Thrill Seekers Remember the first time you were really scared? Pretty intense right? How does it make you feel in the pit of your stomach when you see a beauty (maybe the one who turned you down for the prom!) get her just due by getting a whipping into total submission? Well, if you're like me you live for that feeling. Hot Erica Boyer nude shots.

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