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Fiero is a tall and sexy pornstar with red tresses who is slightly older than most of her peers. Her long and lean frame is home to a lovely pair of non-surgically enhanced breasts. She got her start in the adult business posing for gentlemen’s periodicals and performing in fetish flicks. By the time 1998 had arrived, Fiero decided to make the plunge into the hardcore world. She has appeared in such films as “Sex Adz #2 Doc’s House” and “Lesbian Mature Women #2”. So if sensual older women are what you are looking for make sure you take the time to check out the erotic endeavors of Fiero. You wont be disappointed.

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...A Table ...A Story When you think of the dinner table, you think of good times. In this film, a table made of raw wood becomes the absolute center of attention. If the table could speak, oh the stories it would tell! Watch as these fit Italian men show their strong emotions for one another in the most unusual of places! Everything, of course, MADE IN ITALY! Watch Fiero getting fucked.

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Come Poke Me Hole She's built to ball. Steve Hatcher is a mad scientist inventor of far-out sex toys who has finally come up with the product which will make him rich and famous. It's a living sex doll he's named "Come Poke Me Hole." Trouble is, he can't quite control his creation, which of course leads to funny situations and tons of steamy sex. A great Fiero porn movie.

Erotic Toxics These girls are about to show you just how toxic they are. They'll poison you with lust and then suck it all back out only to do it again and again! XXX Fiero sex scenes.

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Not Alone Slave This is a hardcore kinky video where a slave plays alone without his master. It's a bad reality for the slave when the master finds out and must punish him for his disobedience! Enjoy! Hot Fiero nude shots.

Pump It Up Contains scenes from Juicebomb, Club Utah, Body Masters & These Bases Are Loaded 2. Highly recommended Fiero xxx clips.

Sex In Wet Places Chi Chi LaRue's Sex in Wet Places opens the faucets full blast en route to some of the splashiest cum splattered places ever been. From steamy shower sex and juicy poolside man poundings, to cutie Bo Summers getting his blond ass rimmed and rammed by a waterfall. All male action doesn't get any wetter than this! See Fiero fuck up close.

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