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A.K.A Cathleen Raymond, Gabriella. Pornstar Gail Force blew in the adult film industry in the eighties armed with her incredible body and a definite talent for adding steam to any scene in which she appeared. She first appeared in front of the cameras in 1984 in the flick “The Amateurs”. She would eventually marry the director Jim Powers and soon after Gail had a breast enlargement that seemed to strengthen the passion in her already sensual performances. Gail’s hardcore career continued into the early part of the nineties. After almost ten years in the business, she left the triple-X world in 1993, but not before gaining a reputation as one of the most talented women in the industry and winning the adoration of her fans.

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Christy Canyon Acts Like A Virgin It's the wildest office orgy you've ever seen and unbelievable 44D beauty Christy Canyon is right in the middle of the action!! If only every secretary could take "dick-tation" like Christy and her ever-horny girlfriends! Sexually supercharged secretaries and one sexually frustrated housewife give their all to three of the luckiest young stud executives. They turn a normal office workday into a depraved orgy of lust with everyone doing everything to each other!! Highly recommended Gail Force xxx clips.

Come As You Are So what if Gail and Andrea are young and dumb? The two hot blondes redefine modern lesbionic love, using only their intuitive knowledge of what feels good to girls. Traci is a bold brunette who knows what she wants and gets it from Marc. He doesn't have to be asked twice to park his big, fast machine in the rear! Steve makes Gail purr when he comes home to her with loads of sexual energy to disperse in all the time-honored ways. Craig turns Andrea into a Jacuzzi floozy when he climbs into the swirling waters to stroke his restless kitten into sensuous submission with endurance to match his endowments. The non-stop, hard, wet, up-close action climaxes (repeatedly) in an orgy of laid back west coast lust, which leaves all the participants breathless, drained and (momentarily)sated! One of the most popular Gail Force movies.

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