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Georgina Spelvin is a Texan that became one of the most famous porn legends in history. A professional actress who went by my pseudonyms before sticking with Georgina Spelvin, she suffered from polio when she was a child, but did overcome it to the point where she was pursuing a career in dancing when she was in her early twenties. Georgina headed to New York and had some success there where she got work as Shirley MacLaine’s dance double in ‘Sweet Charity,’ and obtained a role in the Broadway production of ‘Hello Dolly.’ After those jobs, she had gotten the lead in the 1966 play ‘The Pajama Game’ before falling on harder times. In the early 70’s when in financial trouble, she found some behind the scenes work with a small adult film production company through her friend, Harry Reems. In 1971, ‘High Priestess’ was released which is Georgina’s debut performance. Shortly after her start in porn Georgina met up with director Gerard Damiano. Gerard cast her as the lead in the now classic ‘Devil In Miss Jones.’ So impressed with her acting ability, Gerard had the script of the movie rewritten for a mid-30’s bachelorette instead of the original 19 year old nympho. The success of this film forced her to stick with Georgina as her screen name, it also created a strong friendship between her and Gerard. Georgina has appeared in over 100 adult movies, some hardcore and some soft. She was not the most beautiful woman in the business, but she always gave it her all with an extremely erotic performance every time. An authentic and passionate performer, she is still considered one of the most genuinely sexy women of porn. Throughout the 70’s and into the early 80’s this sexual goddess made nonstop classic performances, with at least eight of her films now in the XRCO Hall of Fame.

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All The Way Georgina and her writer husband live on a deserted ranch with their ranch hand. Everett is writing the great American novel. But his mind can't concentrate on his project. So he rides off to a neighbor's place for a little extra sex. He figures this will clear his mind. Everett does this a little too often as Georgina gets bored with her existence and starts fooling around with the ranch hand. The only problem is that Georgina falls in love. She informs her husband that she wants a divorce, so that she can marry her black lover. Everett packs up her belongings and goes to the local bar to meet her lover. Of course he doesn't show, but her husband does. They forgive each other and go home to make up. Hot Georgina Spelvin nude shots.

All The Way After his wife, played by the legendary Georgina Spelvin, interrupts his work at the typwriter, she had her novelist husband, Everett, discuss his story and in doing define their current situation and the conflicts it harbors. Watch Georgina Spelvin getting fucked.

Behind The Scenes A provocative look and shocking new facts of the X-rated industry. You be the judge! Behind the Scenes of an adult movie is an extraordinary documentated experience. You'll see the people behind and in front of the cameras while filming an X-rated motion picture, a rarely seen real life event. This show was video taped entire on location, recording not only while the film cameras were rolling but also and especially in between takes. Thus were captured on video such moments as a actors trying to get it up, preparation for 'wet' shots and numerous undescribable events. This never seen before material is intercut with in depth interviews, with psychiatrists and the many actors and actresses participating in the filming, including such names as Samantha Fox & Veronica Hart. Some of the topic covered on the interviews are society's reaction to porn performers, opinions towards violence in films, bisexuality, the importance of size, orgasms off and on screen and some of the better sex scenes ever shot in adult movies. See Georgina Spelvin fuck up close.

Easy Easy isn't just a nickname. For this gorgeous blonde, spreading her legs is a way of life. In her first starring role, Jesie St. James plays Kate, a sex exuding school teacher who cannot resist her slutty manners or the crowds of men who drool at her feet. Whether it's sucking off a student after class, being lured into bed at knife point, or leaving a fancy dinner party for a quick screw, Kate craves raw, passionate sex with every breath she inhales. With excellent appearances by Desiree Cousteau and Mike Horner, Easy is an unforgettable classic. Very nice Georgina Spelvin naked scenes.

English Discipline Series: Fringe Benefits Lovely Miss Walters has just had the misfortune of being hired to the most envied job in the corporation, personal secretary to Mr. Sykes. Two hard working office girls were passed up. In walks lovely Miss Walters and she's hired on the spot. What's more, Mr. Sykes has ordered Miss. Tulley and Miss. Drexel to teach the novice how to type! Very well and while they're at it, the two seniors staffers engage the haughty Miss. Walters in a little discipline training. Her bare bottom gets a through thrashing with the strap and the cane. Interestingly, the office girls find a certain sexual arousal in this activity. When the tearful Miss. Walters has left for the day, the two girls continue the punishment on one another this time, it for pleasure. See Georgina Spelvin fucking.

Erotic Fantasies: Women With Women Annette Haven, Arcadia Lake, Jesie St. James, Juliet Anderson, Monique DuPrez and more of the most stunning ladies Cal Vista features lead a collection of unforgettably sultry scenes. 'Erotic Fantasies - Women With Women' spotlights alluring scenes of beauty, grace and sensual sexuality that every admirer of elegance will adore. With astonishing screen presence and haunting realism, these actresses paint an opulent work of gorgeous sexuality. Highly recommended Georgina Spelvin xxx clips.

Girls In All Directions You asked for it and here it is in all its XXX splendor. After carefully surveying our loyal customers, we went to the major and some minor video producers, acquiring the hottest video vignettes available anywhere. The entire footage was then grouped into the erotic situation you most wanted to see. Georgina Spelvin fucked real hard.

Honeymoon Suite Shaun Costello is the evil genius of Seventies New York porn. His sexy, sassy one-day-wonders combine porn with snarky humor in a way that has rarely been equaled. Check out this triple-feature of Costello's earliest and most irreverent work, a beggar's banquet of hardcore smut liberally laced with the jaded sensibilities of Warhol and Vincent Gallo. Costello's second one-day-wonder follows the adventures of three couples who decide to give up the swinging lifestyle and marry one another instead. It's Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice with a few extra bedfellows thrown in. Featuring Tina Russell and the great Georgina Spelvin along with New York porn legends Marc Stevens and Levi. A highly watched Georgina Spelvin video.

I Spit On Your Corpse They're dying to love her. XXX Georgina Spelvin sex scenes.

Ring Of Desire A magical ring bestows erotic energy on everyone who passes it in this tantalizing video treat. We follow the ring as it travels from one hand to the next, each time driving its owner into a frenzy of pure passion. Among the heated highlights is a feverish coupling between Jennifer West and photographer Paul Thomas, and an intense lesbian liaison with Georgina Spelvin and Jennifer. As the ring passes from one person to another, it wends its way closer and closer to its source. This is old school porn at its best, filled with gorgeous natural beauties and plenty of fun-filled frolicking. So forget about Frodo and all the rest, this is the REAL ring of power -- passionate power, that is! A great Georgina Spelvin porn movie.

Wet Rainbow Harry Reems plays a college professor happily married to artist Georgina Spelvin. Everything begins to unravel, through, when an eye catching student named Rainbow sends him a nude photo. It seems that she's got her sights set on the good professor. Georgina is jealous at first, but soon discovers that she's developing feelings toward Rainbow herself strange, exciting ones. She and her loving husband find themselves drawn into a nexus of passion and lust as Rainbow's enchanting allure brings out their deepest carnal desires. An intimate story of lust and love and the differences between them. One of the most popular Georgina Spelvin movies.

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