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Gia Darling is a beautiful 5’7” transsexual girl from California. Over recent years she has been “feminizing” with a number of cosmetic surgery procedures (over 25), turning this caterpillar into a luscious, curvy butterfly. She really started getting into the surgeries after meeting with her idol and television personality, Cindy Jackson. Gia is incredibly open and gladly tries to help out other transgender girls with any questions or concerns they may have about hormones, surgery, etc. Gia has been living as a girl since she was 15, having started hormone treatments a year earlier. This cutie was just an innocent little lady working a regular job until Roy Alexandre introduced her to the enchanting world of adult films. Gia started out as his front office girl. She was convinced to do a photo shoot for him after some time, where she learned what she could really look like in photos. Roy taught Gia a lot about directing and photography, so much that she tries to bring his style into her films. Gia found her calling as a director and producer. The first series she began directing with was ‘Transsexual Beauty Queens,’ she enjoyed the experience so much that she proceeded to make her own company not long afterward called Gia Darling Ent. She started an ongoing series with her production company, ‘Transsexual Heart Breakers’ which has over 20 volumes to it so far. Outside of her adult industry life, this girl is a big time animal lover. Dogs, cats, birds, whatever; Gia loves them all. She also enjoys cooking though doesn’t mind going out and getting some good Italian or Mexican food. A glamour girl that enjoys dressing up, but at the same time is often casual with jeans and a t-shirt or sundress on. Gia is your typical sappy, romantic girl into “chick flicks” and still looking for a prince charming to take her away to a castle.

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