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A.K.A Gea Regency. Gia Regency is a strikingly pretty pornstar who happens to be graced with an amazing pair of 32B’s. She got her start in the adult business in 2000. One of her most impressive performances can be found in “Service Animals #3” where she proves that she can really steam up a sex scene. So far Gia Regency is not a household name among the majority of porn fans, but with her stunning good looks and her carnal capabilities, she is definitely one triple-X star whose flicks should not be missed.

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2011 AD A surreal fetish dream come true. A man in search of love travels from fantasy to fantasy: Goth Girls, Bondage Twins, Medical Toys, Sex, Rubber, Hardcore BDSM and Spanking, featuring an electronic, industrial and metal music soundtrack! Watch Gia Regency getting fucked.

American Bukkake 8 JM Productions is proud to introduce the latest and most revolutionary invention in Bukkake technology, the Cum Bong! The Cum Bong is not available in stores anywhere is guaranteed to make any bitch gag and hurl! You'll laugh, you'll cheer, you'll lose your lunch as you watch the Cum Bong shoot enough semen to impregnate an entire island village down some dumb whore's throat. Beware of imitators and accept no substitutes. There is only one Cum Bong! Whores and stomach pumping is not included! A great Gia Regency porn movie.

Freak On A Leash In L.A. Take a walk into the twisted world of freaks! Cum with us on a freaky sexual adventure through the hardcore streets of Los Angeles! Hot Gia Regency nude shots.

House Of A 1,000 Torments When voluptuous Krissy and sexy Gia have their car breakdown on a stormy night in the middle of nowhere, they of course, have to find shelter and help. The closest place for refuge is a dark mansion with strange inhabitants. Helpless and scared, our young ladies quickly find themselves victims to some of the most horrific and evil S&M ever devised. Join Hollywood fetish superstar Sir Nik as he weaves an erotic tale of punishment and bondage that will leave you breathless and leave these newly captured slaves in tears! Madness and pain are the order of the day in The House Of A Thousand punishment! See Gia Regency fucking.

I Love Big Dicks Sex is a known to be a human desire, but these girls have a craving for huge cocks in their holes. Every little slut in this film takes a big black shaft and makes it disappear! One of the most popular Gia Regency movies.

Little White Slit Meet Big Black Dick Can these chicks handle the might of the biggest, blackest dicks in the world? It's gonna be fucking fun finding out! Watch the jizz fly as these tight shores meet the most massive cocks they've ever seen! Very nice Gia Regency naked scenes.

Perverted Desires Sweet young things with minds more perverted than yours.. They will fuck and suck at the drop of a hat! Gia Regency fucked real hard.

Talia Monet's Tales From The Black And Blue: A Kinky World This is another exciting tale from Talia Monet's Tales of the Black and Blue! This film is filled to the brim with hot bondage action and hardcore punishments for your pleasure! Enjoy! A highly watched Gia Regency video.

The Basement Tapes 5 You might have thought that we went too far before, but you were wrong! This is to date our raunchiest, most depraved basement tapes collection. So make sure no one is home, grab your lube, and please don't forget a towel. Trust us, you're going to need it. Highly recommended Gia Regency xxx clips.

The Ultimate Squirt 4 Pussies brought to the hardest of orgasms erupt like old faithful all over this edition of The Ultimate Squirt! These horny babes have a talent for letting their sweet juices fly! XXX Gia Regency sex scenes.

Trisexual Asylum 2 The Trisexual Asylum is an institution reserved for only those with interest in members of all known sexes. Boys, girls and shemales all play together by the same rules in this institution; no one is above or below each other, unless of course they are sucking and fucking each others cocks, asses and pussies. See Gia Regency fuck up close.

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