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The steamiest sex scences ever captured on adult films could easily be credited to Heather Hunter. She had done things with her body only a gymnast could handle. She's also one of the most popular adult films stars of the 20th century as well as the most popular black adult films star in the world.

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Coming On America Heather Hunter plays a Nubian princess who comes to America seeking the right American. Heather Hunter fucked real hard.

Heather's Home Movies Bored with the sane old tapes Heather takes he business into her own little hands as she and roommate Keisha make their own porno movie. A few phone calls is all it takes. And it's LIGHTS, CAMERA and SIZZLING ACTION. See Heather Hunter fucking.

Heather Heather Hunter gives you the hottest dreams ever! Sit back and relax, Heather will make all your dreams cum true, in her first ever video release! XXX Heather Hunter sex scenes.

Hot Talk Radio Rick Savage and Scott Baker deliver an Oscar winning performances, Rick in his duel role as a waked out radio Jock and Scott as the psycho disc jockey. Heather plays herself as our sweet and super sexy Queen. This is one of the best films the New York crew ever put together and is highly rated! Hot Heather Hunter nude shots.

Hung Jury Watch as Heather Hunter & Tami Monroe go through all the legal and sexual motions to get the truth exposed. Find out what makes them tic and what tics them off. As the court action heats up, so does Heather! One of the most popular Heather Hunter movies.

Maxed Out 3 He's the bad-boy who fucks girls hard in the mouth, cunt and ass like you've never seen before! If you like your sex super-hard, then take it to the limit with Max the most extreme sex ever filmed! Very nice Heather Hunter naked scenes.

Out At Night Once upon a time, there was a girl named Heather who came from a very ordinary place. Little did Heather know, that she would grow up to be the biggest star in the sky. We want you to take part in this story filled with happy endings as Heather and her friends enchant you! Watch Heather Hunter getting fucked.

The Red Head A descendent of a Scandinavian sex goddess (Courtney Hill) is discovered behind the counter of a fast food restaurant by a Doctor and her associate (Heather Hunter) who arouse her natural erotic energy. It makes way for lots of titillating action! Enjoy! A highly watched Heather Hunter video.

Twice As Nice Meet undercover reporter Heather Hunter and her look alike friend Ashton Taylor. They go undercover into a sleazy world of investigative reporting. Take an inside look at the underworld as these two steaming hot girls use all their feminie powers to get under the sheets with the men they meet! A great Heather Hunter porn movie.

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