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Holli Woods is a pretty and petite tattooed pornstar who hides the short coiffure she usually sports under various dark wigs. She made her debut appearance for porn audiences in 1997 and has performed in such flicks as “Cumback Pussy #8” along with several other movies. So if you are an admirer of triple-X women who are not cut from the cookie cutter mold of surgical embellishments, be sure to check out the films of Holli Woods because she is certain to please

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Wild Bananas On Butt Row Joey Silvera's wacky 1997 gonzo title is a time capsule view of some of the sexiest girls in the late-'90s smut biz! Smokin' hot vixen Summer Daze has a great ass, and takes on Peter North and Joey together. Two cuties, Shay Sweet & Katie Gold, drive Joey insane and get his rocks off; Euro-slut Ursula (with the great big natural tits) and Sheila Stanton (wearing a dunce cap) gang up on two lucky fuckers out in somebody's yard; and TT Boy catches petite Asian babe Yumi Lai messing with his automobile, so takes her home and ravages her like a beast! Watch Holli Woods getting fucked.

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