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This petite brunette is a wonderfully randy addition to the porn world. Having been one half of the feature dance act "The Lick Sisters," Jacklyn made the move from Oregon to California's Porn Valley to pursue a career in adult movies. This adorable screw bunny performs with an incredible zest for her work. Jacklyn researched the biz before jumping in and is enjoying the work. Jacklyn says she is looking forward to trying new things on screen that she wouldn't ordinarily try in her personal life. In a standout performance in Wicked Pictures' Hollywood Spa, she has an especially hot anal romp with stud Alex Sanders. The sexual chemistry boils! In her spare time, Jacklyn enjoys lifting weights and staying in shape. She considers herself to be an animal lover and is a strict vegetarian who loves classic rock music and, of course, sex. Jacklyn is a welcome addition to the 'overly blonde' porn pie, and just as tasty! c/o WickedPictures

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Bondage Babes "Bondage Babes" is the return of Jim Martin's beautiful babes in bondage. Some of the most beautiful women are bound in rope, chain and more. Masturbating and tied to the fuckmachine, the women of bondage babes love being tied up, and they want you to watch. See Jacklyn Lick fuck up close.

Double Cross When tall, willowy Christina (sexy newcomer Carli) leaves her car in a parking garage, only to be waylaid and battered by frenzied Rita (Lovely Jacklyn Lick), it's just the start of a whirlwind of continuous punishment action. The blonde is hauled to a dungeon, where things really heat up. A would-be rescuer, Lauren Montgomery, stumbles into a trap and is herself subjected to the blind fury of the crazed Rita. Things look bleak, but help is on the way-- in the form of an even more brutal dom: Suzanne (Rebecca Lord). A spellbinder! Watch Jacklyn Lick getting fucked.

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