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A.K.A Kristal,Kristall,Karina, Marlene Riche German born beauty Jenna Wells, with her blonde good looks and washboard abs, rocked her way through more than fifty steamy XXX flicks during the early 1990’s. From the moment of her debut in pro-am features, it was clear that Jenna Wells was destined for Porn Stardom, as she was instantly at ease in front of the carnal cameras, ready to grin and bear it all. Some of her best work can be seen in More Dirty Debutantes 12, Neighborhood Watch 12, Breastman’s Anal Adventure, and The Dirty Little Mind Of Martin Fink. Sadly Jenna Wells retired from the business in the later half of 1993, but fortunately she left behind her a lustful library of pornos for her fans to enjoy.

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Student Nurses Meet these naughty nurses as they reveal their deepest sexual desires! Crazy Charlene practices proctology on a private patient and learns a sure cure for the anal aches. Dianna rescues a pimp from the carnal clutches of his hooker by licking his wounds and massaging her mammeries against his feverish loins. And a surprised burglar never knows what hits him when he enters Agnes's home! She spreads him open, searches for contraband and treats his criminal symptoms with pulsating moves that cure him forever of a life of sin. These horny healers have a bedside behavior that's contagious and makes you want to be examined again and again! Very nice Jenna Wells naked scenes.

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