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Aliases Scarlet Fever Jewell Marceau is the graceful beauty that hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia. This voluptuous bondage/fetish model first realized that she has a love for rope bondage and decided to bring that love to the screen. Jewell enjoys being a fetish model because she enjoys wearing the highest heels, tightest corsets, and prettiest lingerie anyway. Jewell has been featured in a number of adult magazines, such as Taboo and Skin Two and will occasionally star in straight, non-fetish lesbian themed movies. Jewell operates her own website which focuses mainly on bondage and fetish. Jewell has won the SIGNY Bondage Award for Best Bondage Model in 2005 and won second place in 2004. She was also a finalist for that award in 2003 and 2000.

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Jewell Marceau Begs To Please Latex enthusiast and damsel in distress Jewell Marceau is clad in latex stockings, corset, latex hood and pointy toed ballet boots to please her mistress. Gemini is delighted and has her slave girl climb up and perform for her using the new stripper pole. In the toe shoes and with her breasts tightly bound Jewell shakes her thing while Gemini flogs her breasts and pussy. Gemini adds nipple clamps and bends Jewell over so she can beat that ass. She gets her slave girl on her head with her legs spread in the air so that she can really flog her cunt. Gemini moves on to get Jewell in the sling with her nipples, clit , pussy and ass hole nicely exposed. Gemini canes her before the strap-on comes out. Jewell gets her pussy fucked good after it's caning and Gemini even uses the vibrator while she rides her slave girl. After sex Gemini enjoys a smoke while Jewell handles the ashtray. Gemini reviews the session and decides that Jewell has done a very good job of pleasing her. See Jewell Marceau fucking.

Jewell Marceau's Boy Toy Jewell uses her boy toy slave for her own sexual pleasure as she ties him up in her ropes, gags him with her soaking wet panties, smothers him with her ass and boobs and makes him to lick the crotch of her expensive pantyhose clean! Jewell teases his cock with her breasts, ass mouth, and much much more. Hot Jewell Marceau nude shots.

Jewell's Session With Mistress Gemini Jewell's session with Mistress Gemini is a latex lover's dream come true. Jewell's latex covered curves squirm beneath tight bondage, spanks, cane strikes, fucking and flogging while being used as Mistress Gemini's rubberized fuck toy! A great Jewell Marceau porn movie.

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Strap-On Jane Goes Deep Description: Sexy British Domina "Strap-On Jane" has Jewell Marceau in the palm of her hands and at the tip of her cock as she plays naughty and nice with this sweet submissive lovely. Jewell struggles in her bondage and ballet boots to avoid sharp strikes from the cane of her Mistress, but then melts in her arms to receive deep kisses and yummy licks on breasts and pussy. Jewell is teased endlessly and she struggles to please her Mistress Jane in every way possible! A highly watched Jewell Marceau video.

The Adventures Of Jewell And Gina Rae Jewell Marceau and Gina Rae Michaels have been ensnared and welded into the infamous Dominic Wolfe's ropes. He finesses his way into tying these two ladies into inescapable bondage! With 2 lovely brunettes squirming in such a sexy way and crying for help endlessly; the last thing you will want to do is rescue either one of them. Jewell even finds the gall deep within herself to manhandle, taunt, and molest a protesting Gina Rae while she is still restrained. There is no mercy! Watch Jewell Marceau getting fucked.

The Stacy Doll Jewell Marceau recently ordered her very own "Stacy Doll" and it has just arrived! Excited by her new sex toy, Jewell proceeds to the bedroom to try it out. The "Stacy Doll" is programmed to make Jewell's kinkiest bondage fantasies come true and even cums with a lifetime guarantee! Very nice Jewell Marceau naked scenes.

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