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John Holmes is the biggest male star to ever have worked in the adult industry. His filmography comprises as many as 2,500 hardcore movies and his career has spanned nearly two decades (from 1969 to 1988). John Holmes rose to stardom in the adult industry because of his legendary penis size and claimed to have had sex with as many as 3,000 women during his career. When John Holmes was 16 John joined the army and spent the next three years in Germany with the Signal Corps. After leaving the military he moved to Los Angeles where he worked as an ambulance driver and forklift operator.Then one day in the bathroom of a club a man talked him into doing nude pin-ups. In the late sixties John acted in his first 8mm hardcore film loops. Due to the severe porn laws at that time none of these films were legally available. Only in the early seventies, when movies like DEVIL IN MISS JONES and DEEP THROAT drew lots of people into theaters, did porn become more acceptable and finally legalized. During that time John Holmes starred in his most popular role, that of smooth-talking private dick JOHNNY WADD. At the height of his career Holmes earned 3,000 dollars a day as an adult film actor. Even in his private life, rich men and women paid huge amounts of money to party with him. In 1983 Holmes starred in a gay porn flick titled THE PRIVATE PLEASURES OF JOHN HOLMES. In 1986 he tested HIV positive...He died of AIDS March 13th, 1988.

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The Erotic Adventures Of Dickman And Throbbin John Holmes is "Dickman" and Tom Byron is "Throbbin". Together they are a duo of superheroes known as 'Sexorcists' that turn frigid women into sex-craving whores. This film is all about campy, corny fun just like the old "Batman" TV show that it parodies. One historical scene in the movie is with Holmes, Byron and as they both do the stunning Amber Lynn as a virginal pop singer. John Holmes fucked real hard.

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