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Born in San Francisco and raised in Detroit, Julian Wells has been a successful model and actress since childhood. The classically trained well attended NYU where she studied drama and garnered a starring role in the off-broadway sensation, "Tony and Tin's Wedding." Since then she has appeared in Playboy, Maxim, Vogue, Mademoiselle, Marie Claire, and Glamour magazines. Her commercial credits include Sprint, Sony, MTV and Motorola. Julian has been the 'body-double' for Kim Catrall of 'Sex in the City,' appeared on Saturday Night Live and just wrapped pilots for HBO and FOX. Julian first came to the attention of ei Cinema in 2011 after playing a small role in the Seduction Cinema production, Witchbabe Erotic Witch Project 3. Julian's wonderful talent for acting was immediately apparent, and as a result she was cast in the co-starring role of "Aunt Inga" in the 2002 production, The Temptation of Misty Mundae- an erotic drama inspired by the classic sexploitation films of Joseph Sarno. She has since tackled dark and dramatic roles in other Seduction Cinema films including Chantal, Sin Sisters and Lust for Dracula. Blessed with a flawless comedic timing and a wicked sense of humor, Julian also has landed starring roles in several Seduction Cinema spoofs-namely Spiderbabe, Who Wants to be an Erotic Billionaire, Sexy American Idle (she also shares a co-writing credit), and April Flowers International Girl of Sexy. Julian's role as "Teresa" in the mutant-bugs-on-the-loose horror film Bite Me!- written and directed by horror film veteran Brett Piper- was her first for Shock-O-Rama Cinema.

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Dr. Jekyll And Mistress Hyde Dr. Jackie Stevenson is a controversial therapist who believes the female psyche consists of the pure' and the Lustful,' and she has developed an experimental serum that will separate the two halves, thus freeing women from psychological and sexual inhibitions. Jackie tests the drug on a depressed young women who immediately becomes a maniacal love machine that ravishes Jackie in her office. Turned on by the encounter, Jackie decides to experience the effects of the drug firsthand, and it transforms her from a plan and mousy doctor into a stunning and sensuous vixen who craves endless erotic satisfaction. Stalking the streets at night as her predatory alter ego, Jackie indulges all her deepest lesbian fantasies. A smouldering one-night stand with a hooker leads to future steamy seductions, menacing mĂ©nages-a-trois, and a wild encounter with Jackie's own house maid who fails to even recognize her. As Jackie becomes more and more addicted to the drug and the carnal pleasures it promises, she begins to lose all control¦and who knows how far she will go to satisfy her other' insatiable self. XXX Julian Wells sex scenes.

Flesh For Olivia Olivia (Misty Mundae) finds herself in a very dark and threatening place. Under the control of a sleazy, violent and voyeuristic pimp named Claudio, Olivia spends her time seducing willing young women in front of him and his camera. Melody (A.J. Khan) is one such "victim," who gladly gives in to Olivia's breathtaking advances and exquisite young body. But things get out of hand when the luxurious lesbian eroticism suddenly turns kinky and dangerous. And after Melody disappears, her roommate Alice (Julian Wells) may become the next innocent beauty to experience the pleasure and pain of Olivia's devastating allure. A highly watched Julian Wells video.

Hott Clips Seduction Cinema Studios and its harem of signature sexy stars continue to arouse and entertain connoisseurs of soft-core cinema with a one-of-a-kind blend of unabashed lesbian eroticism and hilarious comic invention. Renowned worldwide for a line-up of films that ranges from cult classic spoofs (Play-mate of the Apes, Lord of The G-String) to smoldering sexploitation (Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde, Roxanna), Seduction Cinema has seasoned an often lackluster genre with bold new spices and the resulting recipe of carnal delights served up hot to a contemporary audience eager for the taste. Very nice Julian Wells naked scenes.

Lust for Dracula Mina Harker (Misty Mundae) isn't the happiest of Hollywood Hills wives - even though she's married to wealthy pharmaceuticals magnate Jonathan Harker (Julian Wells!). The repressed Mina longs for Jonathan's love yet the arrival of the beautiful and mysterious Dracula (Darian Caine) - seductive vampire servants at her side - will change their lives forever. Dracula offers Mina the sensual existence she so desperately craves - one that is immediately threatened by Mina's sister, Dr. Abigail Van Helsing (Shelly Jones). Van Helsing seeks to not only destroy the monstrous vampire but covet Mina's seemingly perfect life and husband Jonathan, too. As these troubled characters move ever closer toward their destinies and a final battle with Dracula, blood will be spilled, souls will be destroyed, and love will become undying. Hot Julian Wells nude shots.

Pleasures Of A Woman: 2002 Version Experience the potent world of 1970's erotica, as you have never seen it before! Watch Julian Wells getting fucked.

Rubber Jessica is an executive at a New York City brokerage firm. Her mind, wound tightly by the stress of her job, begins to catch glimpses of anther world, a world of fetishism, a world of bondage and discipline. She witnesses beautiful women in rubber clothing engaging in these activities in public, on the streets of New York City. And then¦ she sees herself pulled into this world. Poor Jessica. She no longer knows where reality ends & fantasy begins. Also Featuring: Michelle Stone. Julian Wells fucked real hard.

Sexy American Idle Sexy American idle Northeast Westover is putting on a splashy talent competition to end all talent competition. Hosted by the obnoxious duo Neil and Bob and lorded over by a panel of delectable judges and drunken British rocker Glitter Bolan, all manners of bizarre personalities, inept acts and talent less hacks are encouraged to take the stage to do what they do worst! In the midst of the carnival atmosphere and dog-eat-dog competition, there's more than ample time for the luscious and promiscuous hopefuls, to discover where their true talent lie. They can't carry a tune or dance a lick, but these gorgeous women know how to performť' and it makes for Reality TV at its uncensored best. A great Julian Wells porn movie.

Sin Sisters Sisters Cynthia and Morgana (real-life sisters Misty Mundae and Chelsea Mundae) share a tense love/hate relationship that has reached its breaking point. Cynthia is sexually promiscuous, crass and flamboyant, Morgana - quiet and repressed. Starring Chelsea Mundea and Andrea Davis. One of the most popular Julian Wells movies.

The Seduction Of Misty Mundae A summer of pleasure and discovery awaits Misty Mundae, who is 18 years old and innocent...until now. Aunt Inga (Julian Wells) resides in the lush countryside, and it is there that Misty will spend the next few months, exploring the awakening desires within her. She loses her virginity to the handsome boy next door, but this is only the beginning, as Misty's appetite for sexual awakening knows no limits. Experienced and sensual Inga understands, and soon shares her appreciation for the delights of female companionship with her young protégé. It remains to be seen how far Misty will take her sexual explorations, but the journey is certain to be sweet. See Julian Wells fuck up close.

Who Wants to be an Erotic Billionaire Join beautiful host Remis Phildin (Julian Wells) for the sexiest, naughtiest, most uninhibited game show ever to hit prime time! In Who Wants to be an Erotic Billionaire, lovely female contestants (Allison S, Bethany Lott) vie for not only a billion dollars, but the chance to slowly unclothe and then seduce Erotic Billionaire's delectable hostess Bambi (Vivica Taylor). The rules of play? Each lucky and luscious player faces nine questions. With every right answer comes increasingly teasing and sensual foreplay with the ever-willing Bambi. When the final question is answered correctly, it's time for the grand prize to be claimed - Bambi's exquisite body and hot'n'heavy lesbian eroticism¦oh, and a billion dollars. And when the game is over, it's time for Remis to show you why she IS the host-with-the-most. She bares it all - offering every inch of her supple young body to the pleasure-soaked contestants and the exhausted, exhilarated Bambi. In Who Wants to be an Erotic Billionaire, everyone comes out a winner! See Julian Wells fucking.

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