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AKA; Star Weatherly, Holly Carson,Kimberly Cameron Kimberly Carson is a stunning dark haired porn star that made a name for herself in the porn industry in the eighties. Prior to entering the world of adult films, she attained a minor level of success in Hollywood and garnered several small roles in film and on TV. However, in 1982 she decided to make the move to porn. Kimberly Carson went on to appear in over one hundred flicks before she retired in 1989.

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An Unnatural Act Michael is a struggling musician who's in love with Teri, a not so struggling actress. Driving to a gig one night, after a short but extremely sweet visit with Teri, Michael is run off the road and killed. An end to a beautiful relationship...or is it? Two months later, just when Teri begins to resume her life (and love life). Michael a ghost. His attempts to win her back lead him to a variety of sensuous situations, such as: lending a helping hand to two female tennis players in the massage room, giving Teri's roommate a wet dream she'll never forget, and making the hottest dominatrix in town do her unnatural best for his closest friend. See Kimberly Carson fucking.

Cotton Candy Sahara always loved COTTON CANDY, because it melted in her mouth. So did her favorite stud Dennis (Peter North), till he left her as high and dry as her name would imply. Jimmy (Tony Martin), who worked on the pier, soon found an oasis of lust in Sahara, but this did not prevent him from pouncing on her girlfriends, Kimberly Carson and Erika Fox, whenever he could. The three girls weren’t fussy about getting their rocks off. They were proud to do it to each other, even if it did create a sticky mess! Because that’s what eating COTTON CANDY is all about. Does Sahara find her sheik in Ron Jeremy, the horsey-hung carousel man? Or does she continue to pine for the stud who got away? All is revealed in the flesh drenching climax! See Kimberly Carson fuck up close.

Ice Cream French Postcards Jerry is the owner of Rainbow Dream Ice Cream Parlor. Timmy is the Soda Jerk and Shannon is Jerry's lovely niece. The Rainbow Dream Ice Cream Parlor is not your typical, neighborhood ice cream parlor. Jerry's specials are simply out of this world. One of the most popular Kimberly Carson movies.

Mother's Pride Mom and her two daughters like fucking so much they do the gardener, pool boy, delivery boy and the daughter's girlfriend. They turn the living room into one great orgy. A mother couldn't have more pride. Watch Kimberly Carson getting fucked.

Porn Star Legends: Kimberly Carson Kimberly Carson is known for her beautifully cherubic face, athletic, yet feminine figure, and her unbridled passion. She was as sweet as she was sexy, gaining her a legion of fans during her reign in the 80's. Very nice Kimberly Carson naked scenes.

Sweet Hitchhiker A sexy starlet thumbs her way to San Francisco and on the way gets much more than just a car ride. See all the interesting and horny people she meets on her path. Kimberly Carson fucked real hard.

The John Holmes Classic Collection 2: I Love L.A. The golden age of adult is back and better than ever! Rescued from the vault and now for the first time you can see John Holmes in some of his last performances! Joining John in this landmark production is none other than Harry Reems, star of Deep Throat and Devil in Miss Jones. Join Harry and John as they showcase their most important talents in this classic. A highly watched Kimberly Carson video.

The John Holmes Classic Collection: Marina Vice Investigators Buck and Billy track John Holmes and get a hot tip when they D.P. Summer Rose! Kimberly Carson and Melissa Melendez massage Holmes' huge hard-on! Hot Kimberly Carson nude shots.

The John Holmes Classic Collection: Treasure Box A get-rich-scheme leaves everyone ready for an 8-way orgy! Holmes drops in to eat Gina Carrera's pussy in the kitchen! A great Kimberly Carson porn movie.

The Return of Johnny Wadd During the "Golden Age Of Adult" John C Holmes created a character known to all adult cinema fans as "Johnny Wadd". John Holmes actually became synonymous with Johnny Wadd - The Ultimate Bad Ass, hard living, skirt chasing detective in the mold of Dirty Harry and Sam Spade. XXX Kimberly Carson sex scenes.

Trinity Brown A steamy detective yarn about a sizzling female cop staking a cold blooded murderer, Trinity Brown takes us through the underworld of hot blooded, super sexed, gangsters, strippers, pimps, call girls, and cheap street hoods. Highly recommended Kimberly Carson xxx clips.

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