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Aliases Francesca Kitten Natividad, Francesca Natividad Kitten Natividad is a sexy porn star from Juarez, Mexico whose body is home to some incredibly sensual and natural curves. Prior to making her porn debut in 1979, she was an exotic dancer. Kitten built herself a reputation as a lusty and buxom beauty with an unfettered sexual appetite over the course of her career. Even though she retired in 2001, Kitten Natividad is still a favorite among triple-X audiences and her films are an erotic treat that should not be missed.

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A Tit Man's Paradise 3 Originally filmed in the early 90's. These sexy big breasted beautiful women are mountains of fun! They don't call it paradise for nothing, There's plenty of tit fucking, smothering, and girl on girl action to go around. Watch Kitten Natividad getting fucked.

Big Tit Super Stars Of The 80's: Kitten Natividad Collection Kitten Natividad is a household name, well, if you live in a household of tit lovers. The former Russ Meyer starlet (and girlfriend) has been showing off her bodacious tatas on screen since 1972, but it wasn't until the 80's that Kitten's jugs had ballooned to watermelon proportions and she finally indulged in hardcore action. For the first time on DVD you can see Kitten from her 70's films with John Holmes and Uschi Digard to her 80's XXX performances with Lee Carol, Jamie Gillis, and more! Includes bonus gallery! A highly watched Kitten Natividad video.

Big Tit Superstars Of The 80's: Lee Carroll Collection Mature and heavily endowed, Lee Carroll brought the unhinged sexuality of an older woman who knows exactly what she wants to the screen for fifteen years! The blonde's overstuffed rack and her nasty sexual desperation made her scenes unforgettable whether she was slurping down a hard cock or getting her fuckhole stuffed with a greased dildo by another horny slut. This two hour collection opens with a hot lesbo tryst between Lee and Kitten Natividad and doesn't let up from there. Very nice Kitten Natividad naked scenes.

Bodacious Tatas With Jim's wedding day drawing near, his friends decide to give him a bachelor bash he'll never forget! Their formula for fun is complete whey they team up with four frisky, well-endowed strippers who'll do anything for a good time. For Jim's friends, it's a debaucherous weekend of orgiastic sex for Jim, it's a passionate farewell to the bachelor life that makes getting married worth the trouble! Hot Kitten Natividad nude shots.

Bra-Busters From The 1950s And '60s A two-hour volume of retro-gals most blessed with breasts! 18 different scenes featuring such hefty highlights as: Lovely ladies in both b&w and color loops, indoors and outdoors, with and without panties! See Kitten Natividad fucking.

Double D Dykes 6 scenes of all-girl lesbian action. Watch as big tittied superstars Chessie Moore, Kitten Natividad, and more lick and suck huge breasts and wet pussy. Masturbation, vibrators and strap-ons are in abundance as the busty babes get each other off! One of the most popular Kitten Natividad movies.

Faster Pussycat Fuck Fuck Three busty pussycats seeking thrills encounter a young couple and they race for keeps, winner fucks loser! After leaving the boyfriend screwed unconscious, they take his helpless girlfriend hostage and begin a sex spree that knows no shame. They meet their match when they stumble upon a family of horny hill-billies, who take a few captives of their own. Sparks fly, rubber burns, and tits jiggle in this tribute of tributes. Buckle up as these fast pussycats take you for the ride of your life! XXX Kitten Natividad sex scenes.

John Holmes And The All Star Sex Queens It took seven years to produce this magnificent erotic saga of the mighty Johnny 'Wadd' Holmes' rise to the 'big banana' of porno stardom. Holmes is 'interviewing' luscious Serena and between 'screen tests' he recalls his first job with Candy Samples--her luscious breasts and mouth made him shoot harder than ever before! He enters the casting business and fondles the huge mammaries of all the major big bust film stars. Lack stud, Johnny Keyes, plays a film producer/actor who strips Candy and Uschi, the bi-sexual bust queens of all time! Until both are riding his face and massive cock and caressing each others' melons. This is a classic! Kitten Natividad fucked real hard.

Mommy Knows Best Step-mommy controls your cock and owns your cum! Step-mommy makes the rules, made by handjobs and cock milking! Highly recommended Kitten Natividad xxx clips.

Thanks For The Mammaries Take a lascivious peek at what goes on backstage at a bawdy burlesque house. You'll be singing Thanks For The Mammaries, when you take a look at these bodaciously endowed professionals! First meet sex starved stripper Patti Plenty and her humongous hangers! A baggy pants comedian (Nick Random) quickly discovers a little sweet talk is the key to a love feast with Patti. And Patti's co-star Debbie (Buffy Davis) isn't doing badly either. She and her horny boyfriend (Kevin James) do it everywhere...even on stage! Plus, there's lots more sex-action...and even Kitten Natividad! If you like your women big, bold, and bubbly - this one's for you! A great Kitten Natividad porn movie.

Titillation This picture is filled with big busted, good looking ladies. The sex scenes are exciting and allow the actors and actresses to exploit their own personal talents. See Kitten Natividad fuck up close.

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