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a.k.a. Krista Mayes, Krista Mays, Krista Maze, Krysta White Krista Maze got her start in the adult film industry in 1994 when she was twenty-two years old. She is graced with a beautiful face and a body that has more than its fair share of incredible curves. She has appeared in such films as “Dark Encounters” and “Twisted” along with several others. Krista Maze is a highly sensual performer and her films are an erotic treat for porn audiences that should not be missed.

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Ass Kickin' Fun And Games Sometimes life is taken too seriously, especially in S&M. Mistress Payne and I decided we wanted to have a good time. We got some little sluts, tied them up and let The Ass Kicking Fun and Games begin! Enjoy it, I did! Watch Krista Maze getting fucked.

Dark Encounters A patient in a coma may be immobile outside, but her imagination runs wild inside! Come along on a journey through the sexual fantasies racing through her brain - fantasies of her nurse, her aide, her fellow patients - in all sorts of combos and action! A great Krista Maze porn movie.

Dear Diary Wicked Pictures is proud to present an Alex Sanders original Story; Dear Diary. Kaitlyn Ashley portrays a young disabled woman whose fantasy life has had to satisfy her burning desire and longing until a mysterious bookseller provides the one volume that can change her life forever. Open it. XXX Krista Maze sex scenes.

Erotic Visions Ever have visions or dreams while wide awake? well what if they weren't really dreams....but reality. See Krista Maze fucking.

Face Jam VCA Pictures brings you another one of their must have classics now on DVD! Face Jam follows a group of pro-athletes to a strip club where they partake in 3 ways, 4 ways, rimming and sweet, sweet facials. IN YOUR FACE! A highly watched Krista Maze video.

Hips And Salsa Do you love hot Latin chicks? You know...when they're getting fucked? Of course you do, and that's why this four-hour Latin cooze-fest is right up your fucking alley. Very nice Krista Maze naked scenes.

Hotel Fantasy Welcome to Hotel Fantasy, where the friendly staff will bend over backwards in an effort to satisfy your every need. Check in and check out our gorgeous array of buxom babes, all ready for some serious room service. So, when it's time to unwind, you know just where to go...Hotel Fantasy. Hot Krista Maze nude shots.

Priceless Déjà vu and past lives, are they real or illusion? Jenna's about to find out, she has the gnawing feeling that this has happened before. Undoubtedly, Priceless is the experience of a life time. One of the most popular Krista Maze movies.

Sinister Sister Missy's got a problem. She's worried about things that go hump in the night, including some very strange dreams about her long lost twin sister. So strange are these nocturnal visions that she seeks professional help. Missy's massive sexual appetite causes a problem for the good doctor, who decided to give her a dose of her own medicine. Krista Maze fucked real hard.

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