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A.K.A China lee, Kim Morgan, Kimberly Wong,Nai Nguyen Kristara Barrington was an Asian porn star that made a name for herself with hardcore audiences during the eighties. Kristara had an undeniable sexual enthusiasm that she brought to each of her scenes and she managed to perform in more than one hundred films during her time in the business. Kristara Barrington left the adult film industry in 1987; however, it was not before amassing a string of bawdy performances that will no doubt keep her fans satisfied for some time to come.

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The Original Sex Academy Originally released in 1985, this searing sex video centers on the salacious shenanigans afoot at the nation's premier sexual spy school. The idea behind the school is that secret agents need to be able to defend themselves against sexy enemy agents who'll do anything to get inside their heads. So each spy gets a code word, and it's up to the school's foxy faculty to get it out of them -- by any naughty means necessary. No one can seem to do it, until super-sexy Kristara Barrington shows up and works her merry magic. The fun concludes with a steamy group grope to celebrate a job well done. So sign up for The Original Sex Academy, it's one course of study that you won't ever want to end! One of the most popular Kristara Barrington movies.

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