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Aliases Laurien Wilde, Tina Ross, Tina Ronnie, Tina Ashley, Christy Boyd, Lauren Summers Lauren Wilde was a beautiful brunette porn star that made her mark in the adult industry at the dawn of the eighties. She made her first on screen appearance in 1982 when she was nineteen. Lauren went on to perform in around ten films during her triple-X career. Sadly, Lauren Wildeā€™s life was ended in a tragic car crash in 1984.

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Alexandra The gorgeous Eve Sternberg makes her one & only screen appearance in this Hustler's Highest Rated title that wowed the critics! This is one of the original couples movies that is sure to put you in the mood. The story is about three young couples & a very liberated divorcee. Four beautiful young women & 3 handsome young men live in lovely homes in a very rich, very fashionable suburb of New York. Alexandra knew all three men in the past; knows their wives' secrets, & decides to throw a very interesting & surprising party. See Lauren Wilde fucking.

Alexandra Her dirty little black book reveals a lot, and then some. The gorgeous Joanna Storm shines as Alexandra, a very rich and mysterious woman has kept in touch with her former lovers. Now each of them is married and established in society, yet Alexandra keeps tabs on them and their wives too! She discovers and makes notes of their adulterous affairs in this raunchy classic that earned Hustler's highest rating. XXX Lauren Wilde sex scenes.

Bad Girls 4 The legend continues¦ BAD GIRLS IV “ from the production team that brought you BAD GIRLS I, II and III. The Spielberg/Lucas of adult film¯ “ March Penthouse 1985. Filmed on location in 35mm. Featuring original music, with plenty of gorgeous girls and handsome men. BAD GIRLS IV is the sizzling sex comedy of the year. The movie mixes red-hot sex and heavy laughs in a tale of three passionate young ladies who leave Kansas to find fame and fortune. It's the story of a modern day Casanova and his quest to establish a world record for loving women and win a $150,000 prize. BAD GIRLS IV features one of the largest, star-studded casts ever to appear in an adult movie and the wildest wedding ever filmed. This feature is truly an adult film classic! Lauren Wilde fucked real hard.

Lets Talk Sex Meet the girls of DIAL-A-FANTASIE and emerse yourself in total erotic delight. You will get more than an earful! One of the most popular Lauren Wilde movies.

Miss Fantasy Imagine a beauty contest where the contestants aren't judged only for their magnificent faces and figures but foremost on their ability to excel at sex! Imagine being one of the judges in this program, who has the exciting task of interviewing the girls privately and intimately. Ever girl in "Miss Fantasy" is an incredible beauty. Its more than an adult classic, it is the most exciting, wildest collection of deeply satisfying sexual encounters ever filmed. Nothing short of fantastic! A great Lauren Wilde porn movie.

The Siblings Carla's (Honey Wilder) daughter is helplessly in love with whom we discover is Carla's lover's son, Sammy (Mark Goldberg). What? Confused already? You should have seen the director. What we soon find out is that Carla's daughter (Tina Ross) may not be Carla's husband's daughter; in fact, Paula is the daughter of Carla's lover Sid. Carla's husband John (Eric Edwards) is suspicious and has hired a private dick, who discovers the obvious and informs his client. A confrontation occurs (as it well should) and John informs Paula that she and Sammy siblings. "Seems so," exclaims Bubblegum (Candy Cummings) who has discovered John's incestuous desires for who we now know is not his daughter. If that is not enough, there's a twist at the end that may cause whiplash. Caution is advised! Hot Lauren Wilde nude shots.

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