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Aliases Lexi Mathews, Lexi Lane, Lexy Lane, Summer, Lexi Matthews. Originally from California, Lexi Mathews is a pretty, fair-haired honey with a tight and tone figure that is a feast for the eyes. Prior to appearing before the triple-x cameras, she worked at a video store and was also a stripper. Lexi made her first hardcore appearance in 2001 and has appeared in such films as “Black and White” and “M.I.L.F. Money #6” along with several other sexually charged offerings. Lexi Mathews is undeniably a talented hardcore performer and those who are fond of petite and lusty porn stars should be sure to sample her erotic endeavors.

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Reality Porn XXX 13 Reality Porn Volume 13 is girl/girl/girl action. It's Katie, Isis and Lexi in a not to be missed DVD! It is Katie's last day before she returns to Cleveland so Lexi wants to make sure she experiences a little strap on action before she leaves. These are three girls that love to show off and know just where to put the vibrators for "real orgasms." The "Reality Porn" series is not about your typical LA fake stuff - there are girls who "get off" on being videotaped! Also in scene two Tabitha (whose day job is a librarian) is with a girl for only her second time with Kitty, an 18 year old. It's Kitty's first time ever with a girl! A great Lexi Matthews porn movie.

Reality Porn XXX 16 Reality Porn XXX 16 is girl/girl/girl action. Mac Kenzie (19-years-old) is now the center of attention of our resident models Lexi and Isis! It's a pajama party atmosphere with orgasms coming like a freight train! Scene number two is a bit different. It has Devaun and Renee. These are two babes that really like girls! It's like seeing what happens when two predators make love. You know - sharks, piranhas, vipers, lawyers - well you get the idea! If you're tired of all those LA fake orgasms - then you'll really enjoy - Reality Porn! XXX Lexi Matthews sex scenes.

Reality Porn XXX 17 Reality Porn XXX 17 is girl/girl/girl action. Dani was flown in from Ohio so we teamed her up with Lexi and Tawny to "welcome" her to the studio! Dani was quick to let everyone know she was just as kinky as anyone on the set. Scene number two is special. It has Devaun and Taylor Ann in a steamy girl/girl lust-a-thon! What makes it so special is if you are into a little "dirty talk" - this DVD will be one of your favorites! It will save you a fortune on 900 numbers. These two walk the walk and talk the talk. It's just as much fun to watch as to "listen"! Like I said Volume 17 is special! One of the most popular Lexi Matthews movies.

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