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AKASondra Stillman, Lonnie Harris, Sondra Sitllman Lois Ayres is a hard-edged punk beauty who got her start in the mid 80’s. Her street-edged attitude set her apart from the other performers placing her in a category of her own. Ayres gave up feature films in the late 90’s after appearing in over 100 of them. However she still continues to dance in strip clubs across the country and sometimes will appear in bisexual or girl on girl videos.

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Bi-ology When Cody Foster agrees to a neurological exam, his physicians Lois Ayres and Dean Glass get a lot more than they bargained for. Cody's unconscious sexual fantasies come to life with the help of an amazing cast including Sharon Kane, Bo Summers, Johnny Utah, and Madison. This Chi Chi LaRue bisexual bone-anza has lost none of it's charm since it was first released. A highly watched Lois Ayres video.

Controlled You'll love watching the gorgeous Lois Ayres and the sultry Raven Richards squirm with pleasure from having their bodies whipped into an orgasmic frenzy. And as if that's not enough, we have the lovely Trinity Loren getting her big beautiful breasts milked into a glass by Rosco Bowltree. And a whole lot more! Hot Lois Ayres nude shots.

Debbie Goes To College When Debbie goes to college, you can bet there's not going to be much studying going on! Leave it to dirty Debbie to add a whole new meaning to "cramming" for exams - and turn on the whole student body at the same time! See Lois Ayres fucking.

Down Bi Law Get ready to get it up while getting down - Down Bi Law! Catalina has combined all-male action's most endowed men with the industry's most mouthwatering women to bring you this hard-pounding, hardcore anything-with-everyone-goes full-length feature! If you're still thinking that sweat-soaked sex anytime with anyone is against the rules, it's time for you to make bail and get down. Very nice Lois Ayres naked scenes.

Ejacula 2 She is back and ready to suck some more! Don't miss VCA Gold Classics second installment of this timeless tale! Featuring a 14 person orgy, cum swallowing, facials and ass eating! Watch as the pristine are deflowered and become cock craving cock-suckers! those fangs! A great Lois Ayres porn movie.

Ejacula In a dark castle, far far away Ejacula lurks in the shadows. You won't want to miss this digitally re-mastered VCA classic! Lesbian lick fests, ball draining BJ's and a ghoulishly gushing 11 vampire sex orgy, Ejacula isn't your classic "whor-er" film! With authentic European sets and Ron Jeremy as a horny hunchback, Ejacula is a sucking good time! XXX Lois Ayres sex scenes.

Erection Central Welcome to Erection Central, a sexy TV show where anything can happen... and usually does! Sit back and relax as your voluptuous hostess Kinko (Christy Canyon in a revealing S&M outfit) entertains and titillates with a collection of goofy skits and white-hot clips. There are lots of heated highlights along the way, including a very youthful Nina Hartley as a suburban mom who comes home to find her hubby is ready for some backdoor fun. Candie Evans gets introduced to the sensual world of lesbian lust when she and Lois Ayres giggle and grope their way through a steamy session. Christy Canyon turns in one of her most ravenous romps ever when she takes on a pair of studs in a filthy mouthed frolic that leaves all three utterly spent. A photo shoot orgy finds a trio of tight-bodied cuties entertaining four studs, including a wild-eyed John Holmes. The fiery finale finds Sharon Mitchell treating her man to the anniversary gift of a lifetime... sweet Angel Kelly. The three of them share some memorable moments in a blistering interracial rendezvous. This is 80s erotica at its best, with some of the decade's most alluring talents pulling out all the sexy stops. Lois Ayres fucked real hard.

Flaming Tongues An intimate look at lesbians in todays business world. Flaming Tongues erotically explores the inner workings of Vibrating Vixens, whose owners Rhonda Winfield and Sharon Nettles are door-to-door dildo salespersons. By deftly balancing the hard sell with the soft touch, their sex toy enterprise booms with success. Quickly, the two ladies lustfully learn that giving realistic demonstrations is the quickest way to pulsating profits. Finally, the foxy females are made to hire an eager beaver assistant named Jill Mattingly. And it doesnt take long for Rhonda and Sharon to discover, much to their delight, that the decadent doll has lots of hot new sales tricks up her tight skirt... and down her blouse. See Lois Ayres fuck up close.

Kay Parker Is Lorelei Lorelei (Kay Parker) is a beautiful and talented designer of sophisticated ladies lingerie, and the owner of Lorelei fashions. Her young assistant, Margo (Rikki Blake), just can't wait long enough to climb the ladder of success - no matter what it takes. But Margo has a slight problem. She just can't keep her hands out of pants... hers or anyone else's. Greg (Dan T. Mann) is also striving for fame and fortune, but in a different way. His chosen route leads directly through Lorelei's bedroom. Kristen (Lois Ayres) and Tina (Debra Lynn) are just two of the beautiful models who are rehearsing for the fashion show of the year. Along with them are Lucinda (Terri Morgan), Chanel (Yolanda Green) and Marguerite (Scarlet) - all appearing in their first X-rated feature. Meanwhile Lance LeFleur (R Bolla), frustrated in his attempts to compete with Lorelei, enlists the aid of his friend Dirk (Billy Dee), to steal Lorelei's designs. You won't believe how hot it can get behind the closed doors of Lorelei Fashions! Highly recommended Lois Ayres xxx clips.

The Slutty Professor There once was a girl from Racine, who invented a fucking machine, concave or convex, it would fuck the fair sex, One of the most popular Lois Ayres movies.

Virgin Heat These classic beauties are getting down and dirty for the first time on camara!! Don't miss them in action. Watch Lois Ayres getting fucked.

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