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Lori Anderson is a slim and perky sexpot who began appearing on the Internet in 1999. Thanks to a horny boyfriend, Lori discovered her exhibitionist side at the age of eighteen and has been scorching up camera lenses ever since. After a year of doing live webcam shows Lori decided to launch her own website and then made the transition into distributing her self-produced films. Lori loves to explore sex and admits to having many fetishes including wet & messy, hand jobs and interracial. She loves having sex in public especially in nude beaches and resorts around the world. Lori is a very driven and savvy businesswoman who has made a lucrative career out of her passion for cock. She is very dedicated to her personal site, which houses exclusive videos as well as thousands of pictures chronicling her career.

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Fetish Flick Well, I do a few things in this movie that I'm not exactly proud of, but it really turned me on doing it. Flashing the US coast guard off the cruise ship balcony? Have you ever seen a girl go in for their yearly gynecology exam? Well, my doctor is pretty cool, and to say the least he really enjoys seeing my pussy. He makes sure every time I go in to see him that he lets me know this once I'm naked and my legs are apart up in the stirrups. He just stares at my pussy, so I make sure it's well groomed before I show up to see him. I guess the camcorder in his office didn't really bother him. How about playing a slutty schoolgirl that gets fucked by the sex education teacher? I also did a very sexy shower leg and pussy shaving scene. My all over tan from the nude resort looked great inside the white shower stall. I was an extremely horny Easter Bunny. You can see that there's much more to see in my fetish movie. Stockings, costumes, and high heels are just some of the rest of what I have here! A great Lori Anderson porn movie.

Fucking Here And There Lori Anderson loves to fuck, suck, and cum! Watch her in this film give amazing blow jobs, hand jobs, and also masturbate for your viewing pleasures! A highly watched Lori Anderson video.

Lori Anderson Gets Wild In Her First Solo Action I get myself off in the kitchen with all kinds of different objects. Cucumber, high heels, celery, brushes, curling irons, you name it... it's been in my tight pussy in this scene. Very erotic for the person that like to see weird objects inserted into a nice clean and well shaved tight pussy. One of the other scenes is another very erotic scene where I please one of my members by panty stuffing one of my sexy panties into my pussy, then while they are buried inside of me, I get myself off over and over cumming all over the panties for him. I use three toys at once to get myself off! Quite the little cum factory I am. Very sexy lingerie outfits, panties, stockings, and high heels to bring any viewer to a ball filling orgasm. I will make you pull your cock out and jack your meat watching me play. Lori Anderson fucked real hard.

Lori Anderson's Body Hair This movie contains very close up scenes of every body part on me. You'll see what and where this girl has minute blonde body hair. We concentrate on Lori's lovely arm hair, but the human body is covered by hair over 99%. Lori has an incredible amount of well-placed beautiful blonde body hair. I make sure that I scan over every inch of her blonde body hair very closely to see every curve and every hair. She just came back from the nude resort again, so Lori is tan all over and her body hair shows up nicely. Plus, all the scenes take place with her outside in the sunlight lying out on her lawn chair naked! Even if you don't like looking at body hair, this film is very erotic because of the detail attention given to the close up shots. So it's quite entertaining to say the least. See Lori Anderson fucking.

Lori Anderson's Cock Ring Collection Witness a collection of some of the steamiest scenes of Lori Anderson. She proves why she calls herself a true nympho weather she's posing by herself or stroking a hard stiff cock until it spews a load she always seems to look glamorous. Lori's a naughty slut that gives great handjobs and gets fucked in a hotel room. Lori also probes her throbbing pussy hole with a didlo. This is a collection with variety. Highly recommended Lori Anderson xxx clips.

Lori Anderson's Hairy Arms 2 Lori Anderson is a striking brunette who happens to have very hairy arms. She gets compliments on them all of the time so she decides to share this trait with you. First, Lori introduces her hairy arms and allows a friend to play with them. See Lori Anderson fuck up close.

Lori Anderson's More Blowjobs...Finished By Handjobs This film is dedicated to the art of sucking cock with the "polished" effect of finishing with the great stroking sensation of a handjob for precise placement of cum! There's 7 big cum facial dumping and swallowing scenes in this movie. But for all you handjob loving guys out there, all of these blowjobs scenes are finished with the precise stroking of my man's hard pulsing cock. I like to finish him by aiming his cum right where I want it, I like to shoot his hot cum all over so I can show you how much I love his big load. This is definitely a facial lovers handjob movie! Sometimes I will miss some of it if I try to swallow because I can't hold all of what he gives me in my mouth and it ends up right down my throat! One of the most popular Lori Anderson movies.

Lori Anderson's: Fucking Around Town Here are more of my HOT sexual adventures of me around the neighborhood! I love to fuck outside. It's just a great feeling and excitement knowing that someone could be watching. I know when we're in the heat of the moment, we're only concentrating on our erotic behavior and not what's around us. So we're not paying attention and I know there's always that chance, and yes, I've been caught in the act before. This movie is dedicated to some wild fucking in public places. There are cum dumping scenes, where my body just gets drenched with hot cum. This is a great movie and well done! Stockings, high heels, bikinis, and a professional strip scene right in a bar! Hot Lori Anderson nude shots.

Lori Anderson's: Fucking Destinations As you know, I like to get around. Traveling to hot spots around the world, wearing all my kinky bikinis in public, and fucking wherever I can! Of course whenever I can, I go to nude resorts to soak up all the sun! Bringing our camera equipment along for the fun makes it more exciting because I know I have an audience to share it with. Here you'll be on a cruise ship in my suite with me, in the desert, Vegas, Mexico, and South Beach! Check out some of my wildest On LocationĚ Fucking Destinations! Very nice Lori Anderson naked scenes.

Role Playing Blowjobs Let's get dressed up and role play! Naughty nurses that take care of their sick patients. They have to shave their patient's cock for a vasectomy and come back later to check on them only to give them a really good sucking off. I pull all the cum out of this guy by sucking him off and completing the task with a handjob right at the end! House cleaning hoes that show up right in your busy parking lot, get out of the car and strip completely naked only to walk to your door and proceed to clean your house naked and then suck you off! And of course, when I play as the "bar fly" sucking whore off the street! This bartender really has the time of his life! Great scenes here! XXX Lori Anderson sex scenes.

Suckin' And A Fuckin' 2 Lori Anderson is at it again! Watch as she sucks and fucks her way through part 2 of this sexy series! Lori also gives us some of the hottest anal masturbation ever scene so don't miss out on this one guys! Watch Lori Anderson getting fucked.

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