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A pioneer in the adult industry, Marilyn Chambers is one of the few stars to have crossed from adult films into mainstream media easily making her one of the most recognized names in the industry. Marilyn grew up in Westport, Connecticut where she dreamed of some day becoming a star. At the age of 14 Marilyn began scouting modeling agencies and soon landed work including ads for Ivory Snow and Pepsi. Success as a model led the way to Hollywood but young Marilyn soon became discouraged with the casting couch way of business. After doing a small part in Barbra Streisand’s 1970’s film ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ Marilyn left Hollywood and moved to San Francisco to rethink her career. It was while in San Francisco that Marilyn met with the Mitchell brothers for whom she shot her first adult film. Although hesitant at first, before agreeing to the role the savvy Marilyn Chambers negotiated a very lucrative contract, 10% of the movie's box office gross, and in the pre-disease aware era of the early '70s, she insisted on STD tests for the entire cast. Since her first film, Marilyn has enjoyed a long and filling career making several comebacks throughout the years. In 2001 she was awarded AVN’s highest honor, a lifetime achievement award.

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Insatiable 2 Sex superstar Marilyn Chambers recreates her unforgettable role as Sandra Chase in this long awaited sequel to Insatiable. When a journalist named Morgan Templeton (Juliet Anderson) convinces her editor to let her do an in-depth interview with the famous actress/model Sandra Chase, she never expects it to be this "In-Depth!" Between Morgan's oversexed daughters, and her horny manager, Morgan finds plenty to write about! But the clincher comes when Morgan is taken down the path of pleasure and torment by Sandra and her "Disciplinarian" played by the impeccable Jamie Gillis. If you thought insatiable was hot, then insatiable II will burn you up! A great Marilyn Chambers porn movie.

Insatiable Supermodel and heiress, Sandra Chase (Marilyn Chambers) quickly learns money can't buy happiness or satisfaction. One of the most popular Marilyn Chambers movies.

Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies 2 The delicious Marilyn Chambers stars in Private Fantasies #2. With her most wicked and wanton desires fulfilled, these are seducing, memorable fantasies that will definitely leave you absolutely fascinated. Please join Ms. Chambers in her most shocking erotic edition that indulges in her lifelong dreams. Very nice Marilyn Chambers naked scenes.

Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies 3 In a continuing effort to reveal sides of Marilyn Chambers never before explored, Creative Image takes pleasure in presenting the third volume of Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies. The on-going sin-suous saga finds The Doctor Is In as Ms. Chambers discovers new uses for the stirrups as she scientifically seduces her gleeful gynecologist. I'm No Dummy demonstrates the power of positive thinking as a male mannequin comes to life - in more ways than one. The third fantasy, Take A Letter, has a frigid secretary letting her hair down to ultimately give her boss the nymphomaniac's version of dictation. Last and certainly not least, a Newspaper Ad pits Marilyn and electrifying dominatrix "Tantala" in a bondage story that's guaranteed to be a front-page headline. Expanding the limits of sexuality, Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies #3 is a further look into the mind of the irrepressible and insatiable leading lady of the adult cinema. A highly watched Marilyn Chambers video.

Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies 4 Win-A-Date: Marilyn plays an eager-to-please grand prize that shy, contest-winner, Harry Reems has a hard time accepting. Olympics: Only Marilyn could dream up this wild, sexual spoof, as she takes on stiff competition for Freestyle Sex Gold. Babysitter: Marilyn remembers how she and a gal-pal were babysitting and showed her boss that "sleeping on the job" can be a good thing. Sex Therapist: An inhibited young couple seeks Marilyn's hands-on expertise in a hot session. Watch Marilyn Chambers getting fucked.

Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies 5 Caught In The Act: Dominatrix Tantala shows Marilyn the ropes, then gives the camera crew the "bondage business"! Police: Marilyn calls in 2 cocky cops to put her fears of a prowler (along with herself) to bed. Bachelor Party: Bride, Groom and a few ushers take on Marilyn pre-ceremony! Jerry Butler stars. Play My Song: Richard Pacheco as a disc jockey that gets his flute played by a talented new throat. See Marilyn Chambers fuck up close.

Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies 6 Tom Byron and Kevin James are two troopers who already know how to "Pitch-A-Tent", but with Marilyn's help they earn a Fire-Starting Merit Badge. Who says 'You can't find good help these days' a Black & hung, Andre Bolla gets to do his digging indoors and sprays Marilyn with his fertile seed. Christy Canyon and Harry Reems join Marilyn for some decadent afternoon delights al fresco. Highly recommended Marilyn Chambers xxx clips.

Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies Marilyn Chambers, the all time number one box-office star has put these original never before seen films together based on her own personal real live fantasies, and she has choreographed the action so as to realistically capture her innermost sexual feelings. Marilyn also provides her own narration with scenes involving her intimate friends. Highlights of this film include Marilyn chambers paired with John C. Holmes, and you can watch her deep throat the 13 1/2-inch king. Then she performs in a three-girl fantasy set in a bowling alley that must be seen to be believed! Now you can be a witness to the star selected by critics as the most sensual performer in adult cinema. Hot Marilyn Chambers nude shots.

Ugly George At the birth of the 20th Century's High Tech Revolution stood a Giant. The leader of a cause, a trail-blazing maverick, his name was Ugly George. America sat at the edge of their seats with their tongues hanging out every Friday night to see what New York models the ugliness got to sink his teeth into. Which of New York Broadway princesses George would bed up in his Polish Penthouse? Ugly George with his cynical seduction and outrageous wit was setting the world on fire. The Ugliness graced the stages of the number one talk shows in the world Oprah, Jerry Springer, & Phil Donahue paving the way for a new generation of pornographer. Ripping porno out of the hands of the ArtFag filmmakers. Ugly George was holding Raw Fucking Sex right in the palm of his hands. Pointing his video camera at some of the hottest freshest ass in America. The true King of Porn. Unedited, True, The Real Deal! The King of the GONZOS. The Inventor of all that was Invented IS BACK! See Marilyn Chambers fucking.

Up 'N Coming For two years, people have been waiting for Marilyn Chambers to follow her smash hit Insatiable. After watching Up N Coming, you will know it was worth the wait. It's a story of rising country singer Cassie Harland (Marilyn Chambers) who lands a job as the opening act of a tour headed by superstar Althea Anderson (Lisa). Unlike any other adult film, Up N Coming explores the world of country music and the movers and manipulators who pull all the strings. From Nashville to the world renowned Palomino Club in Los Angeles, Cassie struggles for recognition and stardom while dealing with jealous Althea's drug and alcohol problems. The highlight of the film is legendary outlaw John C. Holms teaming with Marilyn Chambers, Herschel, Richard and Lili in one of the absolute hottest, most explosive sex scenes ever filmed. In the history of erotic films, no one has achieved the following Marilyn has. She dazzles viewers with a sexual friction that bursts through the screen and Up N Coming continues that tradition. XXX Marilyn Chambers sex scenes.

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