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Mark Richards is a tasty Euro twink who is quickly rising up the gay porn ranks. He entered the industry in 2006 when his boyish good looks quickly grabbed the attention of Freshwater Productions. As a Freshwater performer Mark has appeared only in safe sex films. His most popular film to date is the twink orgy, Ultimate Boy Party. The 15 twink orgy featured well over 30 cum shots and made Mark a European porn sensation. Mark has continued to shoot for Freshwater but has hopes of expanding his porn star reach into the American market. Mark has performed mainly as a top on film. He loves showing off for the camera as well as learning all the behind-the-scenes tricks. In the future Mark hopes to direct his own features and expand his porn empire. Mark currently attends University and enjoys partying the night away with his college friends.

Mark Richards Video on Demand

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The Agency Screen Tests 2 Following the success of Screen Tests 1, the Freshwave Agency is proud to present 25 more x-rated auditions from Britain's newest legion of budding porn stars - All hoping for their big break in the adult media industry. Each guy has already negotiated an initial interview, but it's now their chance to check out just how they measure up on camera. After some quickfire questioning about their fantasies and their sex lives, each eager-to-please hopeful takes it in turn to strip...And then work up to explosive climax after explosive climax! You'll hardly have the chance to catch your breath before the next one appears in front of you! A great Mark Richards porn movie.

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Villa Of Games Greg attempts to save his relationship with his sex-mad boyfriend Dean. But is an XXX-rated mini-break in a twink only luxury villa really the right place to try? The fun & games soon begin before everything comes to a head at the weekend's monumental climax! Shot on location in a Portuguese villa, these British lads provide constant sexual excitement! One of the most popular Mark Richards movies.

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