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Aliases Jane Lindsey, Rena Vane, Farah walton An earthy sex appeal and a talent for acting set Marlene Willoughby apart from other porn stars. A thin and beautiful brunette, Marlene took part in over 50 hardcore films between 1974 and 1983. Her exotic looks allow her to play a multitude of scenes. From salacious older woman to wild young sexpot, Marlene has landed steady work as a supporting player in the more up-scale adult films of the 70ā€™s. Marlene is a dedicated performer with the ability to change her look dramatically depending on the role.

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A Girl Like That A Girl Like That¯ is an example of mid-1970's New York XXX with Marlene Michaels as the gal who turns hooker to put her hubby through med school. Marlene Willoughby is her mentor, Samantha Fox a dominatrix. All this for a girl like that!! One of the most popular Marlene Willoughby movies.

Fiona On Fire A dead Woman's diary helps a detective piece together what appears to be a senseless killing. A brother and sister are prime suspects. Based on the classic film "Laura", Fiona delves into the personal sex lives of all the people who intimately knew the beautiful, sexy woman. A highly watched Marlene Willoughby video.

Marlene Willoughby Collection Fair skinned and raven haired beauty Marlene was a fixture in super sleazy NYC hardcore productions. She was a seemingly classy lady with nasty sexual appetites and a drenched tight cunt. Now as one of the most historically important female porn stars, her ultra slender body getting plugged by a fat cock still calls for frenzied masturbation! See Marlene as a nurse spreading her pink hole, nearly having her pelvis snapped by John Holmes, in saucy lesbianism and more in this handpicked collection. Very nice Marlene Willoughby naked scenes.

Merle Michaels Anal Strawberry Merle Michaels was a fixture in the sleazier NYC films of the 1970's, working with the depraved Roberta Findlay and other perverse geniuses of the day. A girl with strawberry blonde hair and a pretty face, Merle loved to get a hand dick slid up her ass and have come drip down her chin. Hot Marlene Willoughby nude shots.

Mother's Arrangement Sunny, played by big-titted porn legend Candida Royalle, works for Mr. Carmichael. He's hired by Mrs. Carter (Marlene Willoughby) to stop her son Mark from wasting the family fortune. Sunny seduces Mark and learns that Mom had sexually seduced him many years ago. If that twist isn't shocking enough, wait till you see the erotic end! See Marlene Willoughby fuck up close.

Nurse My Cock The hospital bed becomes a cum soaked playground for cock craving nurses in this 2 hour ode to the hardcore hospital films of the 1970's! Vanessa and Leslie are working the late shift together, but need to take a break to pleasure each other's horny little ass holes. Super skinny Marlene is a hot nurse who likes to finger her ass while she gets fucked and drinks cum. The doctor catches Ron Jeremy fucking his nurse, so he slides his dick up her ass to fill both holes! Over 17 loops packed with sultry uniformed nurses in ass packing, double penetration, and anal lesbian action are guaranteed to leave your bedpan filled with cum! XXX Marlene Willoughby sex scenes.

Swedish Erotica 10 Even before there was video, there was Swedish Erotica¯ and this is the tenth installment of that series! With millions of volumes sold worldwide for over twenty years, Swedish Erotica¯ is the most successful film and video series of all time! Don't miss out on Annette Haven, John Leslie, Bambi, and more of the hottest, horniest, and raunchiest X-Rated superstars of all time! See Marlene Willoughby fucking.

The Passion Seekers Take a look at the Passion Seekers, a time when pussies had hair on them and women had natural tits. But don't worry, it's still filled with the same hardcore action of today's porn. Great blow-jobs and pussy eating and some great hardcore fucking! Marlene Willoughby fucked real hard.

The Pink Ladies This wild romp is about the sexcapades of four suburban housewives. Kay, the leader of the group, is a classic over-achiever who always complains about the fuck-up, Leslie, who shuffles through life with very few positive traits. Kay winds up kicking Leslie out of the group. Leslie, looking for revenge, seduces all the husbands into a grand orgy and cleverly maneuvers the wives to catch their husbands erotically entwined with her. A great Marlene Willoughby porn movie.

Vanessa Del Rio Triple Feature 7: The Lady Vanessa Collection of loops features Vanessa eating her maid's sweet pussy and then taking a black cock! Highly recommended Marlene Willoughby xxx clips.

Water Power The '70s were the decade in which porn was merciless and ugly; glorifying cinematic filth by so-called XXX roughies. Amongst them was the infamous Waterpower, by Shaun Costello. Jamie Gillis plays a notorious villain called the Enema Bandit. Before giving his female victims a violent anal probing, he penetrates each one of them relentlessly as the cops are sent on a desperate search to catch the filthy bandit. Waterpower is certainly the shocking cult film that digs deep into the bowels of classic porn... literally! Truly gripping cinematography with bold acting performances set in a gritty atmosphere of urban decay aids Jamie Gillis in playing the perfect Enema Bandit frighteningly real! Watch Marlene Willoughby getting fucked.

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